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11 bathroom and kitchen floor ideas to use right now!

by Roy Akirov
September, 2018

Updating your floors in your bathroom and kitchen is a simple way to totally change the look and feel of your space. Whether you’re looking for a modern monochrome bathroom or a beautiful Scandi style kitchen – our floor tile design ideas will have something you’ll love.

floor tile design ideas in action

1. Floral floors

If you’re looking for a pretty, feminine feel for your bathroom, a floral floor is the best way to do this. This look is perfect for an en-suite, and could even be used in your dressing room too. The stunning Beauty Flowers floor tiles are the perfect way to embrace this trend. These unique floor tiles feature incredible bold and beautiful colours. Team with pretty floral towels, plain walls and floral accessories as well, for a truly breathtaking bathroom.

2. Modern monochrome

For a stylish and modern bathroom, a monochrome colour scheme is a great choice. Choose contemporary black and white tiles for your kitchen floor and coordinate with your splashback tiles and counters as well. To use these Monochrome floor tile design ideas, it is always best to choose a classic black and white pattern tile. This is a great look for a kitchen, as it’s bold and professional too. A monochrome colour scheme is ideal for a neutral space that can regularly be changed with different accessories and the occasional colour pop.

3. Scandi-style kitchen

The Scandinavian interior trend continues to be super popular. A scandi style kitchen is perfect for creating a calm and contemporary space, perfect for the modern family. Think crisp white lines, wooden accents and a stunning white tiled floor. Look for a pale white or grey stone finish with a Scandinavian style pattern too. Keep in mind minimalism and try to create an uncluttered space with some handmade accents. Importantly, use a pale white and grey palette. At the same time, look for utensils and cooking equipment that have a classic scandi design.

4. French country chic

The french country kitchen is a beautiful look that’s perfect for a cosy and relaxed space. Keep your eye out for vintage style copper pans and beautiful rustic floor tiles. There are a number of french country kitchen floor tile design ideas but a teracotta tiled floor is the most enduring. Look for beautifully patterned tiles that have an antique look like the Brused Carro tiles. This rustic, homely design idea is perfect for a family kitchen.

5. Industrial loft

The industrial loft design idea is a great urban and edgy kitchen look. This trend is inspired by industrial spaces, think exposed brick, steel accents and a tough stylish floor. The Iron Ash composite floor slabs are the best way to get this industrial look. With a rusty, dark look, they will make any space feel like an industrial loft. Another great floor choice for an Industrial Loft style kitchen is brick style tiles. If you haven’t got the option of exposed brick available in your kitchen then choosing brick tiles is a great way to use this edgy material.

6. Luxurious metallic bathroom

This bathroom look is a totally luxurious and decadent choice, perfect for creating your own little paradise at home. Look at Cleopatra’s bathroom or your favourite spa for inspiration. There are presently a few stunning options of luxurious metallic floor tile design ideas. For an all-out glamorous choice, metallic tiles like Decorado Sky Blue glass are perfect. In a sumptuous jade green, these tiles are also the perfect feature floor. If you want a subtler choice, choose tiles that have flecks of gold or silver in them or choose plain tiles with metallic details.

7. Colourful and cute

For a bright cheerful kitchen, perfect for a young family, the colourful and cute trend is ideal. Choose a brightly coloured floor, white walls and rainbow accessories for a vibrant, fun space. Berrechid Rainbow mosaic tiles are a fabulous choice for your colourful kitchen. With bright rainbow mosaic style tiles, you can create an instantly warm and inviting kitchen that’s the heart of the home. Make sure you use a mix of bright colours and keep this room fun and friendly too.

8. Boho bathroom

The boho bathroom trend continues to fill Pinterest boards and magazine pages. This carefree, relaxing approach to floor tile design ideas is a great style choice. Furthermore, choose bathroom tiles that have an eclectic pattern, and experiment with colourways. For a really bold choice, try using a few different tile designs in order to create a bohemian mosaic look. Accessorize with lots of plants, a wall hanging and some exotic rugs as well.

9. Cutting-edge kitchen

This trend is all about high end, modern style. Keep to a monochrome colour scheme and use high gloss finishes for a beautiful contemporary look. Additionally, experiment with textured floor tiles for a really high-end look. Tiles like the Risorgimento Cement Tiles provide a really stylish, modern floor design that’s perfect for this trend. Additionally, keep clutter to a minimum and use shiny metals and matte ceramics for a high contrast cutting-edge kitchen.

10. Earthy and antique

This look is inspired by the ancient past. For a totally unique bathroom, this look is a great design choice too. For a little inspiration for your back in time bathroom, look at Ancient Egyptian architecture and Roman mosaic floors too. Furthermore, use earthy warm tones like terracotta, rusty red and a little bit of royal blue for contrast. The Carraro handmade artisan clay tiles with their pyramid detail and etched texture are absolutely perfect for Earthy and Antique bathrooms. This type of bathroom is great for a unique and quirky home, and your floor tile design ideas can be as creative as you like too.

11. Italian inspiration

Finally, for a contemporary designer look, Italian inspiration is the trend for you. This stylish and grown-up look is perfect for a calming space, with neutral shades and high-quality materials. Classic slate floor tiles are obviously a great choice for this look. Choose a neutral colour and smooth texture in order to really complement your bathroom suite design. Think of high-end hotels or luxurious Italian resorts on the lakes. This look is perfect for a spa-style bathroom and the ultimate reason to buy only the most beautiful bathroom accessories.

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