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5 great ways to use reclaimed flooring

by Roy Akirov
January, 2021

In this blog, we are going to explore 5 great ways to use reclaimed flooring to add a clean and contemporary look to your home and interior. There is nothing quite like the time-worn patinated feel of reclaimed wood to add a certain elegance to your home. But it can be difficult to get the exact look you are seeking using reclaimed wood.

2021 Trends for Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed flooring is becoming popular year to year. 2021 is not an exception. This year, own design and hand made things become more and more popular among homeowners. Hand-made things, according to their unique design, add individualism and authenticity to any room. Don’t forget about money-saving. Reclaimed wood is much cheaper.

The Coronavirus pandemic has indeed changed the way people perceive their homes. According to top interior designers, 2021 is about practicality, comfort, and sustainability. It is about transforming and remodelling old pieces you already own.  

The trend is to choose what will last, what is durable, and what will make you happy. People are bold and are decorating with more energy in 2021. There is a lot of emphasis on practicality and utilitarianism this year. It is the time of repurposing old timber, using it to add a tailor-made touch to the home. The grand style will begin to go by the wayside this year, making way for the raw, the more casual. Reclaimed flooring is one way to start. So, if you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place.     

By using a few simple techniques you can create a timeless contemporary feel to your home without having to buy new freshly cut timber. By using one of these 5 great ways to use reclaimed flooring in your home you can take full advantage of the benefits of reclaimed timber without suffering any of the drawbacks. Here are the 5 ideas to use reclaimed flooring in 2021.

Paint them.

One problem often associated with reclaimed timber is that it is difficult to find enough timber of the same shade to create the clean contemporary look that most modern interiors demand.

One of the best ways to solve this problem is to paint the timbers using a hard wearing paint. This transforms the look of the boards allowing homeowners to create a finish which complements the rest of their interior perfectly. For example, to create a dramatic look use a matte black finish on a heavily grained wood to subtly reflect the light on the patinated surface.

Alternatively, you could choose to paint each individual board a different colour to create a truly unique look and feel to your home. Paints are available in hundreds of different colours so no matter how creative you are you will be able to find colours to match.

If the boards are the same type of wood and there is only a slight variation in colour, staining is a good alternative to painting. This helps to create a natural finish smoothing out the differences between the boards to provide a nice sleek finish for your home.

For a lighter contemporary feel go with pine.

Reclaimed timber is often associated with darker woods which are full of knots and have a heavy grain. But you can achieve a lighter more contemporary feel by using pine boards instead. Pine has a softer grain than traditional hardwood making it suitable for contemporary interiors. A further advantage of traditional pine is that it has fewer knots than other woods allowing you to create a clean seamless look and feel.

And because pine has such a tight grain it often comes up like new once refurbished. Once the outer surface has been planed off it often reveals a beautiful softwood which not only looks great it feels amazing as well. This is the main reason why pine is a popular choice for bedrooms and walk-in closets.

Pay careful attention to fitting.

When it comes to refurbished wooden floors, fitting makes all the difference. Careful consideration must be given to the placement of each board to ensure that seams and gaps are kept to an absolute minimum. A loose fitting floor looks great if you’re seeking a traditional farmhouse look, but not so good for a sleek modern interior.

One way to create a contemporary feel is to avoid unsightly seams. While you won’t be able to eliminate seams altogether you can install the boards so that there are as few seams visible as possible. This will create a nice sleek contemporary finish which is easy to maintain and beautiful to look at.

Replacement floorboards can also be used to create much-needed storage space. If this is the look you are going for try to select wood with the same grain, texture and colour. Mixing too many types of timber with different grains and textures can make your interior feel cluttered.

Make your own furniture.

When it comes to using reclaimed timber flooring you are not limited to using it as a floor covering. Reclaimed floor timbers can be used to create a range of items including furniture and accessories to give your home a unique look and feel. With the range of timbers available, there really is no limit to the things you can create.

For example, reclaimed timber can be used to create a beautiful table top. By arranging individual timbers of different widths and colours you can create a unique contemporary design. Once you are happy with the end result the table can be sealed with resin to help protect it from the rigors of daily life.

Create a feature wall.

The final item in our list of 5 great ways to use reclaimed flooring is to use reclaimed timber to create a feature wall inside your home. Traditional stone or stud walls can be clad in reclaimed timber to create a warm inviting feel to any home, old or new.

Timber has a much warmer feel than stone or brick so it is particularly useful for cladding interior walls where you want to create a nice snug feel. This could be a games room, TV room or even a breakfast kitchen. Once the wall has been assembled it can be painted or stained any colour to suit the look and feel you want to create.

When creating a feature wall it’s a good idea to choose timbers from the same batch. Only select timbers with the same grain, colour, and texture to ensure a satisfactory finish. For example, rough cut hardwood timber would suit a traditional farmhouse interior but not a modern contemporary one.

Recycled timber flooring not only looks great, it’s better for the environment and cheaper to buy. By using one of these 5 great ways to use reclaimed flooring on your next project, you can not only benefit from the advantages of reclaimed timber but use it to create a unique contemporary look as well.

Rhodium Floors

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