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7 Color Schemes for Christmas in 2021-2022

by Ana Maria
December, 2021

Usually, when decorating for Christmas, we think red, green, gold and silver. Or maybe, we mix them all up into some kaleidoscopic color schemes for Christmas. A lot of colorful lights and tinsel dominated the Christmas tree color scheme ideas of the past two decades.

However, it’s 2021, almost 2022. So, the question is here once again. What are the best interior design ideas for Christmas decorating? Are the white Christmas tree color schemes good? How crazy, merry and colorful can you go with your 2021-2022 Christmas interior design ideas? Well, let’s see!

christmas decor design

Color Schemes for Christmas: Tips and Merry Tricks

The first Christmas interior design rule in the book is to stay close to your home design. So, don’t steer away from how your home is the whole year. Your Christmas decorations should be in sync with your interior design style.

The second golden rule to Christmas decorations interior design is to stay true to your tastes. Thirdly, you should also show a bit of flexibility regarding color schemes for Christmas. If your house typically has a lot of colors, try not to overdo it for the holidays. You could stick to muted colors with just one shade color scheme, and your baubles and garlands would still look nice.

christmas teal

In the same way, if your home’s interior design features a palette of crisp whites or deep greys, pop some more colors here and there to go with your white Christmas tree color schemes. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Winter White Color Scheme

So, this is one of the most straightforward color schemes for Christmas. White is timeless and still contemporary. It’s crisp and has a Nordic-style feeling to it. With a white color scheme, you can get closer to a minimalist Christmas design.

White decorations go well with fairy lights and glass candles. Moreover, you can add some evergreen touches and warm glow to sweeten the interiors. Just remember that when you go for one of these white color schemes for Christmas, more is more.

2. Frosted Blue Color Schemes for Christmas

Frosted blue and white for Christmas are somewhat similar. They’re both cool, icy colors. Nevertheless, frosted blue is softer and it gives a more elegant feeling with some feminine touches.

colour schemes for Christmas

Avoid pairing frosted blue with silver. It’s just too noisy. Go for mercury glass instead and maybe a bit of glitter.

3. Gold and Feathers for Christmas

These are probably some of the best Christmas wall decor ideas. Use neutral tones with Christmassy texture. It will give the whole interior a very beautiful and subtle festive aura.

colour schemes for Christmas 2021

Forget Christmas tree color scheme ideas and go for real feathers. They reflect the light beautifully and add a gentle bronze touch to your Christmas interior design.

In fact, it’s much like a champagne-toned Christmas decor. You can add cream, beige and brown to the mix. Some pine cones never hurt either. Therefore, the final result will be a warm, soft and tender holiday season.

4. Gold and Red: The opulent color schemes for Christmas

So, you might say: “Gold and red? For Christmas? Groundbreaking”. Yes, these two colors have reigned supreme over Christmas for so long. Nevertheless, they’re still here.

colour schemes for Christmas interior design

Red is deeply festive since it’s linked to Santa Clause, the holly berries etc. Gold is linked to opulence, the golden star, and the Three Kings’ gifts. It’s iconic.

So, how do you add them to modern interior decors? Try two-tone baubles in red and gold. Gold-blended glass decorations are also great. Gold and red works well with tall candelabras, and rich clusters of berries. It’s also easy to incorporate it in your Christmas tree decorations.

red and gold christmas colours

5. Teal Color Schemes for Christmas

Teal is a sort of cyan-green that works wonderfully for Christmas. It’s even better than emerald green and it can suit almost any type of home. Add some notes of gold, bronze or silver to it and you get a sophisticated Christmas look.

6. Silver – the eternal color scheme for Christmas

Silver can shine on its own for Christmas. It’s magical. So, you don’t need to mix it with anything else if you don’t want to. If you’re looking for some really charming Christmas bedroom decor ideas, then mix sparkling, glossy silver with some mercurized, freckled shades of silver and you’ll be in the Christmas wonderland.

If you’ve got some antiqued silverware, then you’re all set with this silver color scheme for Christmas.

7. Scandinavian Minimalism for the Win

It’s not exactly one of the most fun color schemes for Christmas, but it’s incredibly unassuming and unpretentious. Scandinavian is more than just an interior design style; it’s a way of life.

Scandinavian christmas design

You can go for natural stones, and bleached white tones paired with wooden beads. If you fancy a minimalist approach to holiday decorations, then make it a “Scandinavian Christmas”. It’s simple, with a different, nature-focused charm. You might come to love it as a way of life, too.

So, this is about it, folks. We hope this guide to 7 color schemes for Christmas will help you get your best holiday decoration going on. Happy holidays!

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