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Best Ideas for Designing & Decorating Your Home Office

by Roy Akirov
December, 2020

More of us are working at home now than ever before. Having a dedicated office or workspace is important. We’re here to share our thoughts on how to make the most of your workspace and give you some home office inspiration.

Best Home Office Design Ideas and Decorating

Having somewhere at home where you can work is important. It might be a home workstation in a room you use for something else, or ideally a separate room altogether that you can turn into an office. You’ll find your productivity increases.

Small Home Office Ideas

When your space is limited, you might have to be extra creative and decorate an office zone. Could you customise a corner of your living room or even a hallway? Add a home office table that can double up as a dressing table or sideboard if you’re not working. Bring in some home office cabinets that match the rest of décor and you’ll hardly notice they are there!

Modern home office

Thinking ‘dual-purpose’ will help you make the most of your office interior design and create a welcoming space. Look at underused spaces for inspiration, like large hallways or landings, even under stairs. Wherever you’re able to carve out some space, try to keep it clear and let others know that it is now for your work. Check that there is a nearby power socket so you don’t need to trail a lead across the room when you charge your laptop.

Home Office Accessories

When it comes to fitting out your home office, the only restrictions come from your own imagination. You’ll need a chair and a desk or table to work at. Think about where you will store things; do you need a set of shelves or drawers, for example? Be creative with your storage. There is no rule that says Ottomans can only be used for blankets! Why not store your office supplies in one that can double up as a seat?

Colour is so important in any décor, and that is definitely true for your home office. In a traditional office block, walls are almost always white. This is your home, however, so go wild. Blue is a very calming colour, whereas yellow is more fun-loving. Greens can be very soothing. The darker the colour, the more intense the mood. Metallic paints are popular for adding warmth to your space. Consider the sort of mood you want to create and the work you need to do, then go try some swatches.

Home office organizer and decorations

When it comes to accessories, your laptop is a given. Good lighting is important to choose a flexible desk lamp that will allow you some powerful task light when you need it. Storage is key to staying on top of your organisation and keeping clutter in check.

We think a clock is a good idea, too. Your laptop or phone will let you know the time, but only if you actually look. A clock on the other hand will be a constant reminder and help you keep your day on schedule.

Then you’re into the finer details of stationery; pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips and so on. Do you want them all to match, or do you prefer to mix it up? There are lots of beautiful sets available in all sorts of styles and themes. Accessories can enhance your productivity and offer some inspiration.

Flooring For Office

Don’t forget flooring for office chairs. They often have wheels, which don’t like rugs or carpets. You could put a plastic mat down, but that doesn’t fit with many home décor schemes. Consider instead tiles or wood flooring – your office chair will thank you. If you are spending several hours a day working from your home office table or desk, make sure your chair is comfortable.

Laying a rug on the floor is an easy way to demarcate your office space. That can also break up large expanses of wooden floor. A rug is also soft on bare feet and in the home offices we’ve worked in, the dress code is much more relaxed!

Wall Decorations For Office

Think about whether you need your wall space to be functional as well as pretty. Otherwise, you can go all-out decorative! You might need a pinboard or whiteboard to keep useful information to hand. Depending on your work, a map might be useful. A wall hanging clock is also popular so you can monitor how long tasks are taking.

Some people like using wall space to personalise their area with photographs or souvenirs. Maybe you have a motivational slogan on a poster that you want nearby. Remember that this is your space and you need to be productive when you’re working. Find a decoration that is important to you and means something. We’ve even seen framed football shirts!

If you’re working in a dark room, hanging a mirror on the wall is a good way to bounce light around. It can make your space seem bigger, too. Position it opposite a window to make the most of the natural light.

Desk Ideas And Decoration

The type of desk you choose depends very much on your personality. And as it’s going into your home, it’s important that the desk is something you love. That said, it needn’t have anything ordinary about it! If you want your home office to blend in to almost invisible, why not have a glass desk?

Wooden chair at desk

There are some beautiful slimline desks on the market that are perfect for home office spaces. Others can double up as console tables. Take your time looking around so you find the perfect addition to your home.

We also love a bureau when space is at a premium. With plenty of space for a laptop and cubby holes behind, there is somewhere for all your bits and pieces. Bureaus usually have cupboards beneath, too, so there is somewhere to store books and paperwork. Best of all, just close the desk when you’re done, and everything is tidy in an instant!

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