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Best mops for hardwood floors

by Roy Akirov
October, 2019

Choosing the best mops for hardwood floors is the easiest way to keep your flooring in peak condition. Here at Rhodium Floors, we have been providing our customers with the finest hardwood flooring for decades. From the contemporary to the eclectic, and from natural tones to multi-color flooring we pride ourselves on the quality of our product.

As our valued customers, we want your hardwood flooring to last you a lifetime. That is why we have put together this guide to the best mops for hardwood floors.

In essence, there are five main categories of mops. This includes the classic mop with microfiber, the microfiber with double-sided cloths for wet and dry, the electric mop, the steam mop for a deep clean, and the spin mop. We’re going to take a look at all five categories, and explain the pros and cons of each, as well as recommending some of the more reliable brands.

Classic mop with microfiber

When compiling a list of the best mops for hardwood floors, you have to start with the classic mop with microfiber head. After all, there is a reason these remain classics. Found in almost every home, these simple cleaning devices are cost-effective, versatile, and an essential addition to any cleaning regime.

Benefits of the classic mop with microfiber

Affordable and easy to find, they provide excellent value for money.

Replaceable heads microfibers mean that the mop itself will last you a long time.

With many brands now having rotating microfiber heads, it’s easier to get under furniture and into tricky corners.

Can be used wet or dry.

You can buy standard pads for regular cleaning, or scrubbing pads to help with particularly tricky stains.

Drawbacks of the classic mop with microfiber

Overuse can cause the handle to come detached from the mop head.

The microfiber pads are thick and tend to absorb much water, so be sure to wring out before use.

Using the mop over a large hardwood floor requires a lot of elbow grease and can be tiring.

Top classic mop with microfiber brands

If you want a classic mop with microfiber, there are plenty of brands to choose from that offer exceptional cleaning. These include both Viqui and Turbo, though most retailers produce a perfectly serviceable classic mop with microfiber.

Cost: You can get a decent classic mop with microfiber for between $15 and $20

Microfiber with double-sided cloths for wet and dry

Virtually the same as the previous category, the microfiber with double-sided cloths for wet and dry offer one unique advantage. Namely, that you don’t have to swap heads to get your floor cleaned, nor do you have to rinse out the microfiber before wet-mopping.

Benefits of microfiber with double-sided cloths for wet and dry

Drawbacks of microfiber with double-sided cloths for wet and dry

Likewise, these models suffer the same drawback as the classic mop with microfiber.

Additionally, the swivel action of the double-sided cloths can end up detaching from the pole due to overuse.

Top microfiber with double-sided cloths for wet and dry brands

Dulcii, Haerbin, and MTS each manufacture a high-quality microfiber with double-sided cloths for wet and dry, that are well worth your consideration.

Cost: Microfiber with double-sided cloths for wet and dry don’t cost much more than the classic mop with microfiber, meaning you can pick one up for between $20 and $30.

Electric mops

Electric mops do most of the hard work for you, conducting the relevant spinning motion as you move the main body of the mop itself. Capable of operating wet or dry, these devices polish your hardwood floor to a fine sheen.

Benefits of electric mops

Drawbacks of electric mops

Heavier than a manual mop, it can be difficult to move for some people.

Slow to operate, as the mop heads need more prolonged contact with the hardwood to clean entirely.

Top electric mop brands

If you’re on the lookout for an electric mop, Costway and Bissell both produce impressive models that should cover most of your needs. Gladwell’s cordless electric mop is a particularly versatile model, and comes highly recommended for more hardwood floor cleaning duties.

Cost: Most electric mops come in at under $100, with some available for as little as $40.

Steam mop for deep clean

Many owners of hardwood flooring swear that a quality steam mop for deep clean is among the best mops for hardwood floors. It’s easy to see what makes them so popular, with serious cleaning ability locked up in a portable device.

Benefits of a steam mop for deep clean

Drawbacks of a steam mop for deep clean

Top steam mop for deep clean brands

Of the various brands of steam mop for deep clean on the market, we recommend either the Bissel PowerFresh or the Shark Genius. Both mops are well-designed and useful for all your hardwood floor cleaning needs.

Cost: A steam mop for deep clean is one of the more expensive options. While you can certainly find one for under $100, the more reliable brands are likely to set you back around $150.

Spin mops

Spin mops do exactly what you would expect of them: the mop head spins rapidly on its axel. This serves the dual purpose of swift, circular mopping as well as a simple way to wring water out of the mop after use. Spin mops can easily be considered the best mops for hardwood floors, particularly for people needing a less physically-intensive mop.

Benefits of spin mops

Drawbacks of spin mops

Top spin mop brands

If you’re considering a spin mop, you should choose from one of the top brands on the market. These include O-Cedar EasyWring, Twist and Shout, BulbHead, Mopnado, Casabella, Libman, and Happinex.

Cost: Spin mops are fairly cost-effective, given their notable advantages. You can get a good spin mop, with a bucket, for around $20-$30.

So there you have it. Five different mops, with five distinct methods of operating. While the choice ultimately lies with you, even the very best mops for hardwood floors are only as good as the floor they are cleaning. That’s something we know only too well here are Rhodium Floors.

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