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Colour Trends for Interior Design in 2021

by Ana Maria
October, 2021

In a departure from recent years, interior design colour trends in 2021 are less about fashion and more about personal philosophy. In an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, designers have leaned towards nature for inspiration. Colour, texture and atmosphere are all nature-inspired this year. As a result, the home paint colour palette is generally coordinated and calm.

Themes refer to the natural world, ecology and sustainability. They evoke a sense of restrained luxury and inner calm. Designers have favoured concepts of peace, mindfulness and well-being as part of their 2021 design ethos. Everything is easy on the eye and simple to recreate at home. Colour therapy brings a sense of belonging and peace from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

As ever, the living room is at the heart of the home. It is also the area that guests are most likely to see. The 2021 colour trends dictate that the floor and walls must be in sympathy with each other. So, avoid bold clashes as part of this year’s favourite colour schemes.

Living room colour trends 2021

Wooden flooring looks great when paired with the soft greens, duck-egg blues and browns. The 2021 palette includes calm semi-pastel shades on the walls. These will serve to highlight the textures of your flooring, whether it is oak, stone or ceramic.

Focussing on the subtle details of your interior design is very much on trend this season. Thoughtful textures, changing light sources throughout the day, and creative coordination can pull your home design together. Consider small additions of warm, earthy colours.

Bedroom walls and flooring Colour Trends

Whether you have opted for a hard or soft choice of flooring in your most personal and private spaces, the emphasis is still on calm. Creating an inner sanctuary is the order of the day. Recent design trends have pointed towards a resurgence of soft sky-blues within the home, and the bedroom is the perfect location for this relaxing shade.

Bedroom colour trends 2021

Colour in the bedroom should, ultimately, aid sleep. Blue is the king colour here, proven to deliver a feeling of tranquillity. We associate soft blues with summer skies, helping us to breathe deeper and unwind quicker.

Two colour combinations for the bedroom walls are another stand-out theme. Pair your pastel blues with delicate clashes of terracotta orange or rich, earthy red. They are all the rage this year, as they add warmth to the space.

Kitchen walls and flooring

Whilst white is ever-popular in the kitchen home paint colour schemes, the trend for organic and sustainably sourced food has impacted our choice of kitchen colours. Warmer tones are seeing a resurgence in this area as we enjoy sourcing vegan ingredients and cooking wholesome comfort food.

Sustainable kitchen design

Wood flooring and stone are once again taking over from durable laminate where flooring is concerned. Simplicity is still the name of the game. Tribal textures, wood grain, and colours that look as if they have been hand-dyed are becoming increasingly on-trend this year.

The good news is that soft browns and oranges work well against white. So you can recycle and incorporate the older colour schemes.

Bathroom walls and flooring Colour Trends

Like in the kitchen, white is still associated with cleanliness and prevalent in bathroom colour scheme choices.

Floors are of particular importance here, and whilst practicality and durability is a must, the current taste is for luxury. Many designers opt for marble, ceramic or cement floors that add a sense of permanence to any bathroom scheme.

Bathroom colour trends 2021

With regards to colour, grey in all its shades is still a significant theme this year. The big news is that the addition of stark black or even bright yellow is becoming popular, which is particularly successful with Art Deco themed washrooms.

Blue is also making a comeback after a long break, and mixed shades create clean, relaxed spaces for all the family to enjoy.

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