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Flooring installation in Los Angeles: How to choose the best provider

by Roy Akirov
May, 2019
Flooring installation in Los Angeles: How to choose the best provider

The most expensive quote for flooring installation in Los Angeles is not necessarily the best one. It’s easy to imagine that choosing the highest quote is the best way to be sure of a durable, beautiful and high-quality result.

Alternatively, in times of austerity, you could be forgiven for opting for cheap floor installation in Los Angeles. After all, this will get the job finished with minimum cash outlay.

So how do you choose the right contractor, at the right price?

Here are some of the questions and considerations to use in choosing a flooring installer.

Basic credentials for flooring installation in Los Angeles

In a showroom, or during a site visit from a contractor, don’t get carried away with aesthetics. Of course, a beautiful, flawless floor is what this is all about. However, you need to check your LA flooring installation company has the right credentials.

Ask them about their experience to date, and for testimonials or references from previous clients. There are review sites online (such as Houzz and Google) to use. Look for any “black marks” on their name, as well as any positive reports.

Credible LA flooring suppliers and installers would be proud to talk to you about previous satisfied customers and their strong supplier relationships.

It would be normal and natural for them to have run up against a few problems if they’ve been in the floor installation business for some years. Look at how they dealt with issues and any less favorable feedback.

Make sure they can prove they are fully licensed and insured too, and that their individual installers have up to date training and product awareness. If they’ve invested in all of this, it’s a sign of trustworthiness.

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Customer service means listening too!

Flooring showrooms in the LA area are plentiful, and offer abundant sales people ready to “talk the talk”.

When choosing a provider of LA floor installation services, and flooring materials, it’s crucial to find someone who can listen too.

Every home (and every homeowner) is different. You need someone to take on board your ideas and preferences. Someone who takes the time to understand your creative vision.

If you are unsure what you want, find a supplier who patiently guides you towards workable solutions. These should be flooring types and installation projects that genuinely do match your lifestyle, property, and budget. Not simply installation plans based on the products or services they currently have on special offer!

Take a look down their supply chain

When starting to plan flooring installation in Los Angeles homes and businesses, look around for companies who can speak to you with confidence about their product antecedence. It’s no good if they chat to you for hours about the merits of different materials, but dodge queries connected to their supply chain.

A good floor supply and installation company sources all products from carefully selected partners. This includes hardwood flooring from forests and manufacturers operating along sustainable and energy efficient lines. Every nail and adhesive should be chosen with insight into ethical, high-quality production methods.

This helps you to stamp your environmental standpoint on the purchase. It’s also the only way to be sure that your fabulous looking floor doesn’t throw up problems at a later date. You don’t want to find that poor-quality flooring materials, or shoddy fixing and sticking products, devalue your investment.

Homegrown is not always best

On a similar note, it would be great to always buy US cultivated and manufactured products, but that’s not always feasible or advisable.

Potential providers of flooring installation Los Angeles wide and beyond shouldn’t necessarily specify and stock products only sourced in North America. If you want durable, quality and well-priced flooring materials, then consider options imported from places like Italy, Spain, Britain and the Netherlands.

A flooring expert that has gone that far in sourcing their product range, is likely to be one willing to go the “extra mile” for your home or workplace floors.

Clarity on costings with no hidden extras

Among the other questions you should ask flooring installation providers in LA is how they get to their quotes.

Accepting a quote that’s not transparent and detailed leaves you open to hidden extras and “unexpected” issues bringing additional charges.

Your quote should include pre-prepared and properly finished flooring materials. It should also include all labor and materials to install and finish your floor. You may also want to also pay for old flooring to be removed.

The flooring products you selected and the location of the project impact on the cost. It will often be quoted on a “per square foot” basis. So, make sure they have a good understanding of where the floor is going and the exact dimensions of the space it will cover.

Ask a potential Los Angeles flooring installer to talk you about what – if anything – could affect the finished cost when work gets started.

Clear timescale, that sits around you

It can be frustrating, with any home improvement project, when the process of finishing it off drags on too long. If you have shopped around and done research on the best ideas for flooring in LA, you’ll want to get the installation completed. You don’t want to place your order then be waiting months! Or, to find the actual work is done sporadically over many days.

Make sure any supplier and installer you use provide a definite and reliable timetable for starting and finishing the project.

If you have job and family commitments, the best LA flooring installers will be ready to plan around that. They should be willing to come to your property as quickly as possible, and on a day that suits you.

They should also be able to complete the flooring project with the minimum of disruption, leaving no mess behind! Ask your potential contractor how they contain mess such as dust, particularly if there is sanding involved. Also, get clarity on how they clean up during and after their work.

We’re hoping by now that you understand flooring installation Los Angeles wide is best left to the professional team at Rhodium Floors. You could even say that we don’t just lay floors; we also lay concerns to rest!

Visit our flooring showroom in Los Angeles to explore extensive collections of hardwood flooring, tile flooring, and much more.

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