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High-end hardwood flooring for luxury Los Angeles homes

by Roy Akirov
March, 2019

Los Angeles homes are famous around the world for their stunning interiors and luxurious design, with Los Angeles hardwood floors playing a vital role in the glamorous aesthetic. From open-plan modern mansions to rustic Californian retreats, high-end hardwood flooring can be seen everywhere in these incredible homes. A stunning hardwood floor provides the perfect backdrop for a unique and opulent home. This timeless choice remains popular too. If you are looking for high-end hardwood flooring, then the amazing homes of Los Angeles provide the perfect inspiration.

Hollywood inspiration

With the Hollywood Hills providing the ideal backdrop for some of the most glamorous homes in the world, Los Angeles hardwood floors are genuinely stunning. Home to celebrities and millionaires, as well as several incredible interior designers, Los Angeles is the perfect place to create your dream home. With relaxed, open-plan living, gorgeous weather and stunning design, you can create your own paradise. Also, this is some of the most sought-after real estate in the world. Therefore, it is essential that every aspect of your interior has the quality you would expect from a Los Angeles home which includes what type of floors you choose. In fact, for many people, Los Angeles hardwood floors are a real selling point if you are looking to add value to your property.

The appeal of high-end hardwood flooring

Whatever kind of Los Angeles home you are trying to create, hardwood flooring is a great design choice. Hardwood flooring is also a practical and classic choice, perfect for a warmer climate. Cheap laminate wood floors, ugly linoleum, and old tiles just won’t cut it when it. Los Angeles hardwood floors are the best option for your home, with natural appeal, durability and a high-end finish. You can use high-end hardwood flooring in several rooms around the house, especially those for relaxing and entertaining. If you are looking for cinema room flooring, yoga studio hardwood floors or wooden bedroom floors, you will be amazed at the choice available to you.

high-end LA home

Cohesive design in large homes

Open-plan living is a massive trend in deluxe interior design, and high-end wooden flooring is perfect for tying the whole property together. Often sprawling and on several levels, it is important that cohesive design runs through the property. This look can be hard to achieve. However, a stunning hardwood floor is one of the most popular ways to create this effect of continuity.

Hardwood floors for bigger spaces

As many of these homes are incredibly vast and spacious, flooring needs to be able to look good in a big space too. One of the most popular choices of high-end hardwood flooring is the Loire French Oak Wood Flooring. It’s rich, warm color and beautiful natural texture make it one of the most fashionable Los Angeles hardwood floors. Sourced from boutique manufacturers in Europe, if you want the highest quality, this oak wooden floor is perfect for you. Also, a hardwood floor is a versatile choice, which complements several design schemes.

High-end wood flooring for luxury Los Angeles homes

High-end wood flooring for luxury Los Angeles homes

Experts in Los Angeles hardwood floors

If you want to make your LA home truly unique, a stunning hardwood floor is a great design feature. One of the most established and admired retailers of Los Angeles hardwood floors is Rhodium Floors who have the most extensive collection of high-end hardwood flooring. A focus on elegant and sophisticated design means that there are so many options available for a beautiful floor. Rhodium Floors stock some of the most amazing European wooden floors from boutique manufacturers. They also have a vast selection of tiles, natural stones and slabs, and micro-cement options too. From volcanic tiles to French oak hardwood floors to antique Italian floors, their West Hollywood showroom is full of high-end hardwood flooring inspiration. With hundreds of different styles, colors and finishes, you too can find the perfect hardwood floor for your luxurious home.

Timeless and classic

In order to showcase your favorite furniture and belongings, a comfortable and classic design scheme is one of the best choices for luxurious Los Angeles homes. This timeless look is inspired by glamour but in a tasteful and relaxed way too. White, cream or beige walls and lots of natural materials bring a sense of sophistication and nature too. Choose wooden furniture and glossy accents to match. For the classic Hollywood look, a dark wood floor can also be a gorgeous design choice. A Quercia Turchese White Oak Wood Floor is a classic choice, in a rich, dark shade with a glossy finish. This floor also works well with stylish rugs, wooden doors, and modern spotlights.

Rustic Los Angeles interiors

Because of the open, rustic brick and stone exteriors of many Los Angeles homes, a classic hardwood floor complements this well. You can also use different types of wooden floor in your home if you want to split up space. Many wood floor designs look great together. You can make use of pattern with floors like the Chaumont Acciaio French Oak Wood Floor bringing classic design to your home. Inspired by the country houses of the past, a patterned wooden floor has superb quality and a charming effect too. These luxurious wooden floors are perfect for those who love to entertain. Your guests will also admire your incredible hardwood floor. With patterns from the past and quality materials, darker colored choices like the Chantilly Walnut hardwood floor are also perfect for social spaces.

For a rustic and homely look, another great choice of Los Angeles hardwood floors is reclaimed wooden flooring. Bursting with character, this flooring option is perfect for a vintage look too. Reclaimed floors are often found from old barns and buildings. Luxury hardwood floors like Arthur Reclaimed French Oak Wood Flooring can bring warmth and style to your home. With knots, grooves and texture, a reclaimed oak hardwood floor is a unique choice. It will also be the only one of its kind. No matter what type of hardwood floor you choose for your Los Angeles home, choose the highest quality option too.

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