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How to design an eclectic living room

by Roy Akirov
October, 2022

Designing an eclectic living room offers the most freedom and fun when decorating a home. Often, the word ‘eclectic’ can bring to mind a cluttered space, but we believe designing a room in an eclectic style can make your home a contemporary space that embraces personality and boldness.

Whatever ideas you have for your living space, we have the wall decor, flooring and room furniture ideas to help you curate a bespoke eclectic room design that suits you. In this post, we discuss our guidelines for designing in an eclectic style. We hope it inspires you to be bold with your interior decorating and helps you create your dream living room.

The design basics

Beginning on a design journey is exciting, isn’t it? But the freedom can be daunting. Picking the style you want is the first step. However, if you’re wanting to create an eclectic living room, there is so much inspiration that it can still seem overwhelming.

As a result, it is important to look at the space you are designing and think of your goals. Are you wanting a spacious room that plays on natural light? Do you want to create a cozy nook for when the evenings draw in? These core questions will help you stay intentional as you make important design decisions and limit some of the options you have in a helpful way.

We also recommend 3 top design features you must consider on your decoration journey. The sky is the limit, but we can help you achieve the most successful design by offering some useful guidelines.

Choose a strong color palette

One of the first things to consider before you start buying statement pieces is the color palette. Nailing your colors down will avoid creating an erratic feel and instead develop a harmonious space to relax in.

We recommend painting your walls with neutral tones and using bold colors to define your furniture and living room accessories. Use a few contrasting colors to weave throughout your interior pieces and make certain accessories stand out.

Here are some of our favourite wallpapers for a neutral yet quirky design:

This wallpaper comes in a wide range of colors to use as a base for your ideal color palette. Whilst being simple and sophisticated, the coral pattern adds a boho eclectic feel to the living room walls, which you can develop with botanical accessories and curving patterns in artwork and tiled flooring.

We love this wallpaper for its elegant patterns that emphasize negative space. It is perfect for creating a fluid motion across the room and highlights the beauty of imperfection – something the eclectic style does so well. We recommend pairing this with a living room hardwood floor to create an antique style that echoes the vintage trend of reclaimed chic.

Contrast is key

A key element to a successful eclectic living room is contrast. Contrasting texture is a quick and easy way to tick this box. Using a patterned rug on a hardwood floor or a plain colored rug to balance mosaic tile flooring can create an immediate statement that is completely unique to you. Contrast leather and metal for a modern aesthetic that harks back to old-age styles, or use wooden furniture with woven fabric accents to create a timeless, cozy space for you and the family.

To make the most out of contrasting textures, our main tip is to repeat those contrasts in different places to create a sense of consistency and harmony as part of your eclectic design. It also helps the room feel cohesive whilst emphasizing your expressive design tastes.

Play with pattern

Boldly choosing patterns that mix and match is the best way to inject some personality into your living room. Continue using your core color palette, but don’t be afraid of choosing patterns that use different shades and tones within that palette to welcome a little bit of difference.

To optimize the way you use patterns, choose designs that wouldn’t necessarily sit together naturally. Taking a risk and making it work within your home is one of the best things about designing an eclectic living space. It makes it unique and individual to you.

If you’re using neutral-coloured walls, use a pattern to disrupt the calmness and clash geometric cushions with floral curtains or vice versa. We recommend taking inspiration from our Diamante Ca’Rizzo Vogue flooring to create a regal wooden aesthetic, as it would contrast successfully with leather or metal features.

Or, try our trending Italian flooring. We love the timeless feel of the chevron layout of the wood, and the contrast between white paint and exposed wood grain creates an abstract pattern that is both timeless and modern. It’s important to find furnishings that complement the eclectic vibe and so choosing timeless pieces can help create some calm even when they are patterned.

Have fun and experiment with the eclectic style

Designing an eclectic space is all about having fun with your personal tastes and enjoying the freedom of breaking normal interior design rules and experimenting. Think reclaimed pieces paired with dramatic patterns and expressive artwork – something that has been trending particularly in the last year. In terms of the eclectic aesthetic, using artwork and stylized furniture pieces is important to finish the look, so consider a gallery wall to attract the eye, or maybe some mismatched chairs with flamboyant detailing as your statement pieces.

Ready to design your living room in true eclectic style?

If you’re intrigued by living room eclectic design but not sure where to start, we offer a white-glove service and are well-known for providing an excellent service. We offer exclusive design combinations for your tastes and are happy to discuss your ideas so we can recommend the most appropriate finishes and high-quality surfaces to compliment your living room designs.

You can get in touch today and book an appointment with us to discuss your needs with an experienced member of our team. We would be more than happy to help you with your exciting design journey.

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