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How To Pick a Zig Zag Wood Floor – including Chevron and Herringbone

by Roy Akirov
June, 2019

There is something deeply hypnotic and relaxing about a well-laid zig-zag wood floor. That flowing geometric pattern invites you into living spaces and work environments.

In fact, you could say that creating left-to-right “movement” is the yin and yang of wooden flooring!

The design options for zig-zag wood floor layouts are many and varied. The only common feature is the angles and lines created to add interest. There will always be many fans of wooden floors in straight parallel boards. However, growing numbers of homeowners and architects want the balance and appeal of a zig-zag effect on their floors.

So, how do you create a zig-zag wood floor?

Insight into wood floor in a zig zag design

You could simply ask your wood floor installer to lay traditional materials in a large scale angular way, though this involves a lot of waste in cutting floor lengths to fit.

It is far more effective to use parquet flooring materials to build this dualistic floor pattern. Parquet flooring is smaller pieces of wood that slot together in a form of mosaic effect.

You can create various dimensions in zig zag wood flooring, using either Chevron or Herringbone designs. What’s the difference between chevron and herringbone zig zags?

These are sometimes used as interchangeable terms when specifying wood floors. They are subtly different though. Each creates a different kind of zig zag effect.

If you wanted a uniform, sharply angled geometric pattern, chevron parquet is the best option. The zig zag wood floor – whether it’s hardwood or engineered wood – is based on a series of sharply symmetrical “tiles”.

Herringbone wooden flooring, on the other hand, does not have that same distinctive angular cut. It can be purchased in various sizes, and when laid out in a specific way the rectangular pieces create parquet floors in a zig zag motif.

Herringbone Zig Zag Floor

Herringbone Zig Zag Floor

Interior design trends that match zig zag floors

Inspiration and passion to create a zig zag wood floor could mean that you are planning the rest of the room around this strikingly beautiful option.

Or, you may have an existing home or workspace that you’re considering “pepping up” with an angular floor design.

This option for wood floor designs is universal and can be adapted to many different surroundings. However, it’s advisable to proceed with caution if you intend to put the zig zag floor in a room that has strongly patterned or elaborate wall coverings. Indeed, a zig zag floor doesn’t look its best when the room is very busy in general, with rugs and furniture scattered around. You don’t want to create too many focal points around the room. It can all look a little overwhelming.

Instead, why not let the glory of your zag wood floor shine through!

You can still choose a wood effect, color shade or finish for your wooden floor that matches your overall room theme. Then, let the floor “do the talking” when your family or visitors “do the walk in”!

How to enhance a zig zag wood floor

When you plan out a zig zag wood floor, the direction of the angles is important. That’s true whether it’s a herringbone or chevron wood floor.

The best starting point is often to survey the room, and decide whether you are going to establish a particular focal point. For example, do you want your zig zag wood floor to draw attention towards a statement wall, or a picture window in the room?

For all the balance and flow those wonderful angles and lines create, there are still ways to “ramp up” the appeal of your new floor too.

You can have wood flooring stained and finished to create a very uniform color shade right across the space. It’s very popular though, to let the natural character and charm of wood add its value. This means even the most geometrically perfect zig zag parquet floor, will vary across its flow. The grain or shading of the hardwood adds a rich authenticity and interest to your zig zag pattern. The perfect example is our Vecchio Casale Smoked Chevron Wood Floor.

The finishes for your zig zag wood floor can also change the whole ambience of the room. For example, a deep shine on deep brown walnut flooring looks magnificent in any home. However, you could go for a more rustic or stripped back vibe with matt effect ivory white oak to create a warm, welcoming room.

Another way to make a zig zag floor even more aesthetically appealing is to specify textured hardwood tiles. That way, your floor feels as unusual and attractive as it looks!

You can also vary the shades of wood used across the design. This can serve to emphasize certain room locations and features; even potentially zoning a large living space or work environment.

More layout options for zig zag wood floors

The overall design of your zig zag wood floor could be uniform across the room, perfectly aligned and symmetrical as a whole. This would involve starting the geometric pattern from one wall, and progressing the installation to finish neatly on the opposite side of the room.

Alternatively, you could commission a custom wood floor design that varies the direction and flow of the zag zags. The alternating right and left angles themselves could still be perfectly spaced apart. However, the flooring would shift and change direction for a truly “statement” effect.

Important advice on creating a zig zag wood floor

As well as looking amazing, wooden flooring is incredibly hard wearing, durable and low maintenance. However, the more intricate the design, the more aware you need to be that quality counts!

When laying any wood floor design, high-caliber materials and professional installation “lay the way” for a flawless, lasting finish.

If you create a zig zag wood floor the last thing you need is for the finished result to include gaps or room for movement. Or, for the hardwood tiles to start splitting or cracking.

Buying from a reputable supplier of materials for zig zag wood flooring “points” to a wise investment in your home or work building!

Cleaning your zig zag wood floor would also then be as easy as any other hardwood flooring. It could involve gentle sweeping, and the occasional clean with specialist solutions and as little water as possible.

Rhodium Floors sources its hardwoods from the leading mills across the globe, to get the sustainable materials that can be trusted to look – and perform beautifully – even in areas of high footfall.

The team at Rhodium Floors is always happy to provide free help and advice, including how to get your zigs and your zags boxed off perfectly.

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