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How To Use Stainless Steel In Interior Design

by Roy Akirov
March, 2022

Interior design trends are curious things. Whilst it’s essential to understand the latest nuances in design aesthetic, for many designers, trends are something to be noted. The strongest trend is the one that moves the individual and one that marries beauty and practicality, like stainless steel in interior design.

Stainless Steel In Interior Design: 5 Important Questions

Stainless steel has long been the preserve of the industrial trend. However, as we move towards a more creative approach, we see more metals in interior design and the blending of metal with other materials.

1. How Can You Mix Metals in Interior Design?

Mixing metal and wood is a great example. It works exceptionally well in rooms where practicality is king, like the kitchen.

The kitchen needs to be a space where we can prepare food, clean up and be comfortable socializing. Mixing metals and pairing them with wood in this environment is the perfect way to echo this blend of functions.

stainless steel bedroom

You can use stainless steel in interior design for your kitchen by choosing a stainless steel kitchen sink. Adding an area of steel worktop for a practical cooking and prep zone is also a super cool idea.

Moreover, if we look at the 2022 interior design trends, reclaimed wood flooring and natural stone worktops go well together. They help mirror the ongoing drift towards filling our homes with nature.

2. Is a steel modular kitchen a good idea?

Steel is a practical kitchen surface – hygienic, easy to care for and super hard-wearing. It’s an excellent choice for many homes.

stainless steel industrial design

Moreover, stainless steel doesn’t expand and contract like wood, so it’s an excellent option for moisture-rich spaces like a kitchen. Whether you choose to go for a complete modular stainless steel kitchen or just opt to include a couple of elements in your overall design, stainless steel is a great choice.

3. How do I choose a good quality stainless steel door or cabinet?

If you’re using stainless steel in interior design, you need to be sure you have the very best quality. Talk to your supplier about what steel grade they use. Generally, grade 316 is used for kitchenware. It would be best to be sure the steel will maintain its integrity for many years and will not warp or twist under pressure.

However, cleaning can be a concern. Stainless steel does indeed show quite a lot of finger marks. There are some finishes that could give an enhanced appearance and navigate this sticky problem.

4. Is stainless steel just for the kitchen?

The kitchen is the most common space to spot stainless steel. However, stainless steel in interior design can work well for other areas as well.

Stainless steel living room furniture adds a great twist to a space. Moreover, you can pair it with maximalist patterned walls and other eclectic design features.

Likewise, stainless steel bedroom furniture adds a touch of timeless modernity to what can be an old-fashioned space.

5. Is stainless steel suitable for the bathroom?

Stainless steel is an excellent material for your bathroom cabinets. It’s resistant to moisture, incredibly hygienic and perfect for keeping things safe and secure.

You can balance the bright look of stainless steel with the functionality of a spa-style bathroom. Moreover, choosing clever accessories and lighting will help you create a functional and supremely relaxing space.

Is Stainless Steel in Interior Design Truly Timeless?

Whilst trends come and go, good design is always good design. If we follow the core principle that design has to balance form and function, beauty and usefulness, then our interiors will always be fabulous.

natural wood and stainless steel in interior design

Using stainless steel in interior design is a great way to do this. Blend your stainless steel pieces with natural stone or wood to soften what can be an industrial look.

If you are concerned about stainless steel bringing a grey, austere tone to your space, simply pair it with your favorite colors. It looks fantastic with sugar pink and fabulous with a rich teal tone.

To create a timeless design, simply seek to be led by what you love. Minimize the slavish adherence to trends and focus on how the space will work for you and how it will work with the flow and light of your home.

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