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Shabby Chic Floors – Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Tiles

by Roy Akirov
June, 2019

Shabby chic is a great interior design trend that is so versatile, and we are seeing a growing demand for shabby chic floors in stylish homes. Shabby chic floors offer a rustic, homely feel, perfect for a family home. Whether you want a beautiful aged oak floor for a shaker style kitchen or terracotta tiles for a shabby chic bathroom, there are so many beautiful style choices for you. A reclaimed wooden floor is often the most popular choice for a shabby chic home, due to its natural appeal and aged look. However, vintage-inspired tiles are also making a comeback in shabby chic homes.

Why choose a shabby chic floor?

There are so many benefits to a shabby chic floor. It is both a practical solution for a busy home and a stylish choice for a high-end interior. The shabby chic aesthetic is the perfect antidote to modernist, minimalist design. It celebrates vintage and reclaimed materials, character furniture and cute, homely details. It is also far more practical, and easy to maintain. A shabby chic floor is bursting with character. This means any wear and tear from hectic family life simply enhances the look. Shabby chic style is easy to adapt and change. Its eclectic appeal means that your room can constantly be updated to suit your tastes. Choosing a great quality shabby chic floor allows you to update and change your interior, whilst tying the room together with a stunning statement floor.

What to look for in shabby chic floors

There are certain things that it is important to bear in mind when you are choosing a shabby chic floor. The first is quality. You need a floor that is durable, high quality and long lasting. A reclaimed wooden floor can last for decades to so it’s a great investment for your house. You may also want to choose a painted finish. Look for floors that match the shabby chic aesthetic of worn paint and pastel hues, like the stunning Liquid Gold Reclaimed Driftwood Floor. Look for shabby chic floors which are finished to a high standard. Try out a few different samples to see what works best in your space.

Choosing reclaimed shabby chic floors

It is essential that you find a flooring company that sources the highest quality reclaimed wood. You also need to decide what size and width planks you are looking for. This will depend on the size of your space, for example, larger planks may look overbearing in a small space and smaller patterned tiles could work better. In a large space, chunky, wide planks look stunning, as do bold patterns like a herringbone or chevron floor. Look for high-quality reclaimed wood that has a history and provenance too. Reclaimed wooden floors have unique patterns, details, and colours which make them so appealing. For a cool and contemporary shabby chic floor, Driftwood Gun Grey French Oak Wood Flooring is an ideal choice, with a silvery grey tone and timeless appeal.

Shabby chic style

The shabby chic style has been popular for many years now as it is a beautiful, homely look, which can be updated and reinterpreted. There are a few design rules for shabby chic spaces. However, one of the best things about this interior design scheme is the relaxed approach you can take. For large surfaces, like walls and floors, neutral, pale colors are best. It is important that you get the right balance between shabby chic and scruffy, but this is easily solved by keeping the space clean. Cozy details like handmade rugs and vintage pieces of furniture are essential. A shabby chic home should be full of personality too. Look for quirky pieces you love and don’t be afraid to attempt some shabby chic DIY projects too.

A versatile flooring choice

Another lovely thing about shabby chic floors is that they are so versatile, and can go with a number of different design schemes. If you are going for a rustic, country kitchen, then a shabby chic floor is the perfect choice to match your wooden units and chalk painted chairs. However, if down the line you decide to change to an ultra modern kitchen, a reclaimed wooden floor still has the quality and finish to complement this look. A stunning statement wooden floor like the Arthur Reclaimed French Oak Floor will suit any interior with its warm tones and unique texture. Shabby chic floors can also work well with an industrial aesthetic, or a rustic, Scandinavian inspired look.

Shabby chic tiles

Another great option for a shabby chic home is a classic tiled floor. Picture french country houses with busy kitchens, and grand hallways with terracotta mosaic tiles for some inspiration. This heritage-inspired look is so on trend. There are also more tile choices available than ever before. With a rough texture and a neutral colorway, the Painted Carraro Antique Stone Tile Floor is the perfect shabby chic choice, handmade by artisans in Italy. Look for natural materials, high-quality craftsmanship and unique details. Tiles are also a great choice in period homes, especially Victorian homes where tiles were a popular choice. They are also easy to clean and a durable flooring solution.

Shabby Chic Floors – Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Tiles

Shabby Chic Floors – Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Tiles

What colors work for shabby chic floors?

The shabby chic look is full of pastel hues and earthy tones, which makes it perfect for a versatile space. Look for muted tones and faded colors to really capture the shabby chic look. Tiles are also good if you have a particular color scheme in mind. You can choose complimentary colored tiles and bring out the different shades. For example, if you are using the classic shabby chic colors of sage green and pale yellow, a floor like the Assilah Green cement tile is a stunning choice. For a lovely blue shabby chic room, with duck egg and cornflower touches, a floor like the Duero blue floor, with its cracked details and vintage charm is perfect.

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