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Spa bathroom decor ideas

by Roy Akirov
June, 2020

There is nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa, but what if you could get that spa feeling at home? Creating a home spa can provide a tranquil retreat in a chaotic world, promoting health and well-being and relieving stress. From the modern-day spas of the US to the deep heritage of spa culture in Asia and Europe, we have relaxing bathroom ideas and inspiration for creating your own personal paradise.

No matter what type of spa you have in mind, we have spa bathroom decor ideas to help you get the peaceful bathroom oasis of your dreams. In this post, we look at some of the key things to consider when trying to create a spa environment at home and provide home spa design ideas with flooring recommendations and spa-like bathroom tile ideas to match. We hope our spa bathroom decor ideas help you to create your perfect, peaceful bathroom

Spa bathroom decor idea basics

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can take inspiration from luxury spas. Beautiful materials and a soothing color scheme can set the tone for your bathroom, and the small decorative details pull the look together.

Firstly, what comes to mind when you say ‘decorate my bathroom like a spa?’. Is it open space, modern glass, and white fluffy towels or warmth, soft candlelight and a dark ambience? Do you need spa master bathroom ideas or are you trying to create a feeling of calm in a smaller space?

Everyone has a different idea of how their spa bathroom might look, but what is essential is getting the right balance of texture, tone and material. You need to create an environment that soothes the senses and calms the mind and body. We look at some of the most common spa-like bathrooms, spa bathroom tile ideas and more below.

Candles in a spa-themed bathroom
Candles in a spa-themed bathroom

Shower tiles

One of the first things you will want to consider when designing your spa-look bathroom is the tiles. Shower tiles are important as they set the tone for your shower experience, and in turn the feel of the room.

You have many options when it comes to choosing spa-like tiles. Marble, stone, and natural textures can give you the feeling of stepping into a luxury spa every day. Your choice of tiles can really help your spa bathroom shower ideas come to life.

Here are some of our favorites:


Mosaic tiles in a wide range of colors are popular in spas all over the world, and it is easy to see why. Adding an element of sophisticated detail, mosaic shower tiles are a simple way to make your bathroom feel special.


Marble is a timeless symbol of opulence, and as a result, is perfect for creating a spa look.

Modern spa

In terms of modern spa bathroom ideas, it is is all about creating a feeling of space. For pebble baths with neutral walls and minimal accessories, you will want to opt for neutral or pale stone tiles to complete your tranquil space. We have some excellent options for creating a modern look, including these subtle and unique tiles crafted in Italy.

Alternatively, tiled walls and floors in dark grey can create an ambient modern feel. Tiles mimicking natural stone walls create depth and warmth.

Add details such as stylish and sleek towel radiators and basket storage to complete the look.

Asian spa bathroom

In terms of asian spa bathroom design ideas, spas are popular all across Asia and you can easily recreate this blissful feeling of calm in your own home. The key elements of an Asian spa bathroom are:

Tiles create a clean, smooth finish that fits perfectly with this style of bathroom. When choosing tiles for an Asian style spa bathroom, you may wish to select both light and dark shades in a natural finish. Combining black and white tiles can create a sense of balance, and is a powerful way to stay true to this theme.

Take inspiration from our Cloisonne Tile Touch of Orient Collection, derived from border patterns of traditional Chinese porcelain.

Bathroom oasis ideas and peaceful bathroom ideas

Like the idea of an urban oasis? Bringing elements of nature indoors has been a major trend in 2020, and is an important part of any modern spa. Filling your bathroom space with indoor plants and natural elements such as pebbles and wood provides a peaceful paradise in your home. Think lush green foliage paired with light, bright walls and tiles.

For something a little different, you could choose industrial chic with rough brick or concrete, or opt for a more elegant look with white marble.

An edgier, patterned tile also fits well with this theme, mimicking the spas of Morocco.

Where you are refitting a smaller bathroom or styled spa restroom, we recommend sticking to the basics. Spa-style fittings, wood and a natural color scheme can create a Scandinavian spa feel while making the most of a smaller space. Wooden baskets help to provide storage without taking up too much space.

The ambience

In terms of spa ambience ideas, the scent is, of course, important in a spa environment, so you will want to consider scented candles, soaps and oils. Add simple accessories in natural materials such as wood, cement and stone to finish the look. It is the little details that can really bring your spa to life.

Ready to create your dream spa bathroom? Experience the Rhodium Floors difference.

We offer a white-glove service and are well known for providing exclusive surfaces, high-quality finishes and innovative design. We are always happy to discuss your spa bathroom decor ideas, and you can get in touch with us today and book an appointment to discuss your needs with an experienced member of our team.

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