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Stone and Interior Spaces: 5 Design Ideas for a Perfect Home

by Roy Akirov
May, 2021

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style”; that was Massimo
Vignelli speaking, a renowned Italian designer who worked within the Modernist
tradition, in a wide variety of areas, from designing interior spaces to package design,
graphic design and even product design.
Good design makes for aesthetically appealing and wholesome indoor spaces that
enrich our sense of living, working or playing. There is no doubt about that.

Since many of us live and work in the same space nowadays, the interior has become
crucial for our health, mental well-being, productivity and, eventually, happiness. If the
space you live and work in no longer brings you enjoyment and satisfaction, then wait
no more. Redesign your interior spaces so that you can redesign your life.

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to rediscovering and exploring one of the
primary natural building materials available on our planet – stone.

Resilience, luxury, moisture-resistance, and a natural, rugged look that sometimes
brings you closer to nature – these are some of the qualities of stone in interior design,
and we’re going to look at how they can fit in the home.

5 Stone Design Ideas for Interior Spaces

If you’re an interior designer, you already know that stone is usually used for flooring or
on the walls due to its durability and resistance. The kitchen and bathrooms are also
“stone territories” for few materials can put up with steam and moisture daily.

The stone trend is timeless. It might go away for brief periods, but it always comes back.
It is bigger than the interior design trends themselves. Granite, Marble, Limestone,
Travertine, Porcelain, to name a few, are simply beautiful. The secret lies in their
simplicity, their honesty, and their intrinsic variety. Besides, they exude that luxury and
unbending elegance.

So, let’s take a look at some classic stone design ideas for interior spaces!

1. Wood and Stone mixtures

The bathroom has always been the “sanctuary of stone”. This is partly for practical
reasons, partly because that’s how it’s always been.
However, you can mix stone with rich tropical wood for a modern bathroom to create a
genuine serenity “get-away”.

For a freestanding bathtub, you can consider a textured stone floor that will mimic the
pebbles in a river, only much smoother and polished, so stepping out of the tub won’t be
a problem. However, you could feel that distinct natural texture under your bare feet and
that it’s a pure, sensational experience.

Grey-toned stone for the shower is naturally-looking, calming and relaxing on your
senses.Bathing by the riverside, but in your modern bathroom

2. Brick, metal and stone for eclectic interior spaces

For an even more intense return-to-nature kind of experience, you can create your
shower using black, unglazed slates, with “islands” of smooth stone at your feet, cut by
tiny grooves of natural river pebbles. So, it’s like you’re showering in a waterfall.

You can recreate almost any natural environment with stones. White honed marble with
tiny grey accents will give your bathroom that summer beach vibe at all times.

For industrial settings or rustic farmhouses, wood, stone, and brick are the best of pals.
But they can go way further than that and blend in well in an eclectic bedroom
ensemble, like the one pictured below.

3. Natural-stone shelves

Naturally, stone is not a suitable material for shelves. It is too heavy for that. However,
you can top your regular wooden shelves with stone slabs to add a unique visual effect
to the whole ensemble.

Natural stone in kitchen
Natural stone in kitchen

There are also some practical reasons for doing this – improved durability and
sturdiness. Moreover, stone shelves create a sense of natural openness and space in
any interior space, especially in the kitchen where closed cabinets still seem to rule, and
it’s 2021.

4. Stone Walls won’t go out of fashion

Stone walls create a sort of dynamism in the room. They have a particular simplicity that
attracts the eye. They can even blend in well with a minimalistic interior design.

Stone walls are incredibly versatile. They can serve a neat, minimalistic interior and also
adorn a beautiful rustic living room with a big fireplace or crazy, modern creative
interiors. It is all in the details.

Stone walls are not just rustic or cold as it is, unfortunately, the general opinion towards
them. They can be incredibly soothing and bring you closer to the calmness of nature.
They have a soul, and you can almost feel it breathing. Poetic? Perhaps. Interior design
is poetry.

5. Brick, metal and stone for eclectic interior spaces

For industrial settings or rustic farmhouses, wood, stone, and brick are the best of pals.
But they can go way further than that and blend in well in an eclectic bedroom
ensemble, like the one pictured below.

Guest room with stone wall
Guest room with stone wall

As you can see, there is a delicate dance of colors and textures, but you’ve also got to
be careful not to overdo it with stone walls. They become very dramatic in the wrong
setting, and that it’s not something you’d want for your bedroom, for example.

So, would you go for stone in your interior spaces? As you can see, it is not cold. It is
not overly dramatic or too rustic. It is warm, soothing, natural. In the right combinations,
it is perfect for the home and the heart, for as we know, home is where the heart is.

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