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The Importance of Natural Light in Interior Design

by Roy Akirov
May, 2022

Natural light should be a key element when decorating any interior space. First of all, natural light has a crucially positive effect on our health and mood. It can help maintain our immune system, and natural body cycle and replenish our energy levels every single day.

Today, we’ll look at 12 interior design cases that made perfect use of natural light, and also discuss why it’s so important to have the sun warm up your home.

Why Is Natural Light Very Important in Buildings?

There’s a positive connection between light, airy interiors and happiness. Our homes should always remind us of the beauty of the outdoors while keeping us safe, protected and comfortable.

Moreover, natural light can make any space look larger and almost ethereal. The colors will look brighter, and more appealing.

A study by David Village Lighting found that 1 in 5 people wish they had more natural light in their homes. People feel that the lack of natural light can make them unhappy and change a home’s whole appearance.  

Simply put, no light bulb can replace the absolute bliss of the vernal sun.

How to Bring More Light to Your Interiors?

Well, it’s not as simple as building bigger windows. Of course, the first thing on the list is to build big windows and glass doors and make sure you give them a proper cleaning now and then. However, there are other aspects to consider.

Lighter, pastel shades are inviting light in. Consider two sets of blinds. The first set should be light and colorful to let in plenty of light.

Light and green plants work like magic. Somehow, if you buy one or two house plants, you’ll immediately feel like your room is fresher and brighter.

Flooring can also reflect light. You can go for light tones with a polished finish to make your room seem larger and airy. If you don’t like bare floors and prefer carpet, stick to the light, neutral colors.

In general, you can create the impression of natural light by adding more shiny surfaces to your design.

So, if you want to have an airy, spacious, cheerful kitchen, go for dazzling, smooth surfaces and light colors.

Soft shades of white paint will invite more natural light than wallpapers or darker hues.

You can play with different shades of white or cream. However, there’s a fine line here. You should avoid using brilliant whites, as the room can seem cold, and glacial.

So, let’s have a look at some interiors that really invite natural light in, and make it an art.

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10 Interiors That Really Invite Natural Light In

1. Dreamy, dazzling white bedroom

This gorgeous, white attic bedroom, with those beautiful light-toned wooden beams, looks out of this world. During summertime, it can get extremely hot here, so an AC is mandatory. But imagine waking up to so much light and bliss.

natural light in bedroom
Source: Pinterest

2. Sydney home flooding with natural light, designed by Georgina Wilson.

Source: Pinterest

3. The Breezy White Factor

The way the indoor space flows seamlessly into the outdoors is fantastic, and the use of natural woods and materials makes everything just even more inviting.

open floor plan natural light
Photography The Palm Co / Builder Ben Richardson Building / Kitchen + Joinery Design Ky Drury/ Source: Pinterest

4. Brilliant Luminous Home Office

This is a beautiful example of a minimalist home office and a bright, dreamy reading nook by the window to relax and reflect on life’s greatest mysteries.

natural light home office
Source: Pinterest

5. Rustic Bathroom with Beautiful Natural Elements

You’ve got to love the beautiful rustic associations in this interior. Imagine soaking in that gorgeous bathtub by the window.

rustic bathroom
Source: Pinterest

6. Airy, almost ethereal tiny living room

You’ve got to love the combinations of pastel, and warm hues, with the plant in the corner bringing a splash of green to the whole ensemble.

tiny living room
Source: Pinterest

7. Scandinavian living room bathed in blissful natural life

Swedish style living room
Source: Pinterest

8. Dazzling, cozy bedroom

The rustic, classy accents, the beautiful hardwood flooring and all the green plants give this bedroom that undisputed heavenly feeling.

natural interior design bedroom
Source: Pinterest

9. Dreamlike library

Not many words to be said here.

dreamy library
Source: Pinterest

10. White fairy-tale living room

The combination of natural textures, stone, white-creamy furniture and white wooden beams makes this interior something of a dream.

natural light living room white
Source: Pinterest

We hope these interiors inspired you to seek for even more ways of letting sunlight into the home.

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