What is Douglas Fir Flooring & Where Can It Be Used?

by Roy Akirov
June, 2018

Douglas Fir flooring is a beautiful, eco-friendly option used in both commercial and residential properties. Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or just a change in flooring, Douglas Fir is definitely a material to consider.

Douglas Fir Flooring: An introduction

Douglas Fir Tree

Renowned for its light finish and Scandinavian-chic appeal, it is a modern and durable choice that many opt for.

This particular type of Fir tree falls under the softwood category and is an unusually tall species which produces luxurious, long planks perfect for flooring.

As well as being extra long in nature, Douglas Firs width can be used to make a statement. Its wide-planked finish will give any room a quirky and charming feel.

Boasting eco-friendly credentials, the Douglas Fir is non-toxic, recyclable, long lasting and grows naturally. You can benefit from both beauty and peace of mind, knowing that your choice of wood is from a natural and sustainable source.

Because of these factors, the Douglas Fir possesses a high level of versatility.

How to use Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir_How to use

Once laid, it can be treated with a white lye solution to enhance its naturally light coloring and increase its durability.

Its modern, clean lines make Douglas Fir flooring the perfect choice for the modern home, and its light tone makes it ideal for creating the illusion of increased space and light.

If a light wash isn’t in keeping with your tastes, however, Douglas Fir flooring can easily be stained with a deeper color to add a completely different feel to your space.

While some woods are naturally too dark to offer this versatility, the Douglas Fir’s neutral hue means it can be almost any color you desire.

Because it is also recyclable, it can be saved from previous projects and used to create a reclaimed wood floor. This is not only environmentally friendly but could also save money and add extra character when it comes to renovating a space.

Artistic use of Douglas Fir

Saatchi Gallery_Douglas Fir

Despite its ‘softwood’ label and light finish, Douglas Fir can be very hardwearing if given the right treatment either before you lay it or shortly afterward.

A testament to its hardiness and its aesthetic, it was chosen as the flooring material for the world-renowned Saatchi Gallery in London, UK.

This original flooring has been in situ since the gallery’s opening in the 1980s, despite the gallery’s high footfall.

Just as suited to residential properties, you can expect it to add value to any home. A solid wood flooring adds gravitas to a room and this particular type will last for generations to come.

At home in the living room, hallway, bathroom or kitchen, Douglas Fir will survive all the trials of modern living, as long as it is looked after correctly.

It also has the added bonus of being the perfect overlay for underfloor heating. Because of the stability of this particular type of wood, it won’t warp or react badly to radiant heat.

Installation & After Installation

Douglas Fir: Installation

Douglas Fir is considered one of the only woods that offers such a variety of sought-after qualities.

If you are now convinced that this is the flooring material for you, you will next need to consider installation.

Once you have sourced the right cut, one of the most important things to do is to allow the wood to adjust to its intended setting.

Douglas Fir needs to be brought into the area where it will be fitted around 48 hours before installation. This will allow it to expand or contract with the heat and humidity of the room and will prevent buckling of the wood later down the line.

Whether you are installing your flooring yourself or going down the professional route, this step is key to its success.

Douglas Fir can be fixed into place using a nail gun or a glue gun, depending on the look you want to achieve.

For bathrooms and kitchens, many people prefer the glue gun method as it creates a tighter seal to prevent water getting underneath the boards. If the flooring is properly sealed at this point, no water will be able to get underneath the surface and you should not experience any problems.

After installation, you should decide upon a treatment plan to ensure you get the very best from your Douglas Fir over time.

When caring for this type of flooring, we recommend that you oil the boards once they are laid, as this will ensure you do not need to re-sand them.

It is also recommended that you periodically use a soap treatment to ensure it is always protected from dirt and grease.

If initial oiling is done to a good standard, your Douglas Fir flooring can be vacuumed, dusted and wet mopped without any problem.


It is always a good idea to speak to a professional about specific products to use on your wood flooring. You can either speak to your wood supplier or whomever you choose to lay the boards for you.

Like many other kinds of wood, it may suffer splits or shakes in its early days. This is typical, and once it has had enough time to settle, it can be repaired and treated.

This adds to the character and aesthetic of the wood and should not be seen as a defect. Having read this post, you may be thinking that Douglas Fir is the perfect choice for your new floor, and you may well be right.

The right flooring choice can transform your residential or commercial property even without altering the rest of your decor. When sourcing from this particular tree, you can benefit from all the best qualities that natural wood offers.

Boasting versatility, durability, and eco-friendly qualities, you can’t go far wrong with Douglas Fir flooring.

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