What Is My Interior Design Style? A 5-Step Guide

by Ana Maria
November, 2021

After moving into your new house, the next big task is to decorate. However, with so many interior design style choices, it is easy to feel confused and overwhelmed. The more you research, the more you’ll wonder, what is my interior design style? Well, not to worry, because, in today’s blog, we’ll be looking at the most common types of interior design styles to help you pick the tone for your space.

1. Modern interior design style

Modern interior design is one of the top-rated home décor styles. It reflects a fuss-free approach to life, hence the simple, clean, and uncluttered look.

So, let’s look at four essential features that will help you achieve a modern design in your home.

Neutral Walls

Whites, greys, and pastels make the perfect backdrop for a modern design. These colours have a clean look and fit into the modern category of functional and practical. They also provide you with limitless possibilities when decorating your home.

Open and natural lighting

interior design styles

Modern interior design styles emphasise the use of natural lighting over artificial lighting. So, large windows are a must. They let natural light in your house.

Glass, concrete, and steel design styles

Successful modern interior design shows off the natural materials and elements of your home. Therefore, designers make no efforts to hide the exposed piping on the ceilings and walls. For the same reason, the wood and metal in furnishings need to be visible.

Simplistic furnishings

Modern interior design is rooted in German and Scandinavian design styles. It focuses on functionality over form. Therefore, a lot of the furniture used is functional and simple with clean lines.

Leather furniture would make an excellent addition to a modern space. In recent years, it has shifted from bulky and oversized to more modern sizes.

2. Contemporary interior design styles

Contemporary interior design is very fluid. It constantly changes to fit into the current trends and is inspired by other design styles. However, this does not mean that contemporary interior design is ruffled and vague. On the contrary, it is simple, sophisticated, and very deliberate about the use of texture and clean lines. To achieve a contemporary house interior, here are some rules to stick by:

Keep the flooring simple

what is my interior design style flooring

Floors in a contemporary house should be bare and simple. So, stick to a classic wooden or tiled floor. Yet, you might need a carpet for warmth or sound control. If so, choose carpets or rugs with a simple geometric pattern to add colour and texture.

Stick to neutrals

Black, white, and neutrals dominate the colour palette in contemporary house interiors. However, bright pops of colour are used to play against the neutrals.

Simple but bold furniture

Your furniture pieces should make a bold statement while remaining simple and uncluttered. Straight lines and smooth, clean, geometric silhouettes are essential. If you choose upholstered furniture, stick to black, white, and neutrals and use natural fabrications such as cotton, wool, linen, and jute for textural appeal. Steer clear of loud patterns, ruffles, fringes, tassels, etc.

3. Mid-century interior design style

The mid-century design style emerged in the mid-1900s after the Second World War, and it is yet to leave the mainstream gaze. Its enduring popularity is attributed to its gentle organic curves, crisp lines, and high functionality. What is more, its minimal ornamentation and juxtaposition of materials and colour are also notable.

mid century interior

It combines simple neutral walls with bold, colourful accents. So, the neutral walls accentuate the bold features in the room, making them appear expensive and luxurious. To achieve the mid-century style in your home, you have to create a breezy and seamless flow. Mid-century interior doors, like the sliding door, can help you create an indoor-outdoor effect.

4. Shabby chic interior design style

Shabby chic interiors are a blend of rustic charm and baroque glamour. This interior design style emerged in the 1980s and has become one of the most in-demand styles of the hip and young. However, to achieve this aesthetic, you need different elements. So let’s look at the main shabby chic interior design characteristics.

Distressed textures, patinas, and weathered woods

The defining element of shabby chic interior design is the timeworn finishing on furniture. So, furnishings can be authentic antiques or new pieces made to look old through sanding and other techniques.

chabby chic interior design style

Natural patina reinforces the aged look and gives furniture a unique feel absent in mass-produced pieces. Distressed and oxidised metallic accents also add to the vintage ambience.

Neutral colour palette accented by a pastel aesthetic design style

Shabby chic interiors are light and airy. Designers use neutrals such as creams, whites, ivories, greys, and beiges as the primary colour and accent with pastel colours. You can use dusty pinks, sky blues, and light greens to complement whites and creams throughout your home.

Boho design style imbued with feminine energy

The vintage materials used in shabby chic homes give this interior design style a distinctly feminine vibe. Therefore, adding lace curtains, floral upholstery, and chenille trimming in white and pastel colours complements the appeal of shabby chic furnishings.

5. Farmhouse interior design style

Farmhouse interior design has its roots deep in centuries of history. The first farmhouses were utilitarian because farm life isn’t luxurious, but that has changed over the years.

farmhouse design

Today’s modern farmhouse interior design is defined by comfort, practicality, and using readily available materials. Moreover, it is characterised by white shades, earthy neutrals, distressed wood, apron-front sinks, and steel and iron accents. The design is clean, and it prioritises accessibility and functionality.

Conclusion on interior design styles

To discover your interior design style, you must be willing to explore and experiment with different ideas. Combine elements of different styles to add a personal touch to your space.

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