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Wood floor design trends in 2020

by Roy Akirov
October, 2020

Wood flooring designs are ever-changing to stay inline with the trends in home design. Although some people prefer classic options, others like to incorporate wood floor design trends into their properties for a more modern feel. Flooring is an important part of your home and contributes substantially to the overall appearance of your living space. Getting the feel of your flooring right is crucial, as it is likely to remain in place for years to come. Therefore, finding a style that will not become quickly outdated and suits your property is essential. Here are some of the wood floor design trends of 2020 to get you started.

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Parquet wood floor design trends

Parquet flooring has been around for centuries, but not in the way that we know today. Opting for a parquet design in your home can give a good balance between classic and modern. Many people are now choosing more modern grains and colors to be laid in a traditional herringbone manner. For those looking for a truly traditional feel, choosing rich mahogany or a simple oak in a herringbone or chevron style can be a great option.

Blonde wood floor design trends

In the past, a lighter colored floor was seen as outdated. In 2020 however, people are embracing the airy feel that comes with a blonde wood floor. Like adding mirrors to a room, or painting walls with a lighter color to give the room a more spacious feel, blonde wood can make an area feel more open and inviting. This is one of the wood floor design trends that is likely to continue for years to come, as it allows homeowners to add a timeless design into their homes. White oak, bamboo, and maple are all perfect for creating this appearance and can work for both chic and rustic spaces.

Wider plank floors design trends

If making space appear larger is what you want to achieve, using a wider plank can help you to do this. Long and wide planks are being chosen by many people to achieve this feel and also to make their living spaces feel more contemporary. Many new homes are now equipped with floors that use longer and wider planks in their designs, with builders and designers choosing to ditch thinner and shorter planks.

Beachy floor design trends

If you’re looking to bring some beach vibes into your home, then whitewashed floors are the way to do this. Whether you live on the West Coast or not, you can achieve this feel and make your home feel brighter. A beachy floor can also look great in a farm style kitchen and doesn’t only have its place in a surf shack. The best way to achieve this look is to choose a wood such as hickory – many manufacturers are now offering planks that work perfectly for this kind of style.

Rustic feel design trends

Bringing a rustic feel into your home is one of the wood floor design trends that will likely continue for years to come. Some people love their home to feel rustic and homely and this is something that can be easily achieved by choosing the right flooring. Distressed looking planks are now on offer from a variety of manufacturers and are ideal for those that want to achieve this look with a reclaimed plank feel.

Greige design trends

This strange color that sits somewhere between gray and beige is becoming increasingly popular in the world of flooring. Whether you hate it or love it, there is no denying that it’s unique. If you’re looking to bring in an industrial feel into your living space, greige planks can help you to do this. The color does resemble concrete in a sense, which has become a material that we are now seeing much more of in modern home design. Opting for a greige floor will definitely make a statement, just make sure that your walls remain neutral colored to complement this.

Geometric patterns design trends

Geometric patterns have had their place in home design for a while. Now, people are taking this trend to a new level and installing flooring in geometric patterns to create a super modern feel. The look is fairly easy to achieve and only requires two different colored plank designs to apply on a basic level. Diamond patterns are the most popular, created with a dark and light stained plank. This design can work well in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Black wooden floors design trends

If you’re feeling brave enough, this is one of the wood floor design trends that is the most “out there”. Black wooden floors are definitely a focal point if you choose to include them in your home and they are likely to dominate the overall feel. They’re great if you’re looking for a truly rustic look and give a medieval vibe. Your guests will definitely comment on your floors if you choose to go down this route. Black floorboards can make your home seem more luxurious in a sense and almost make it resemble an old English manor house or castle.

Natural planks design trends

In nature, no two pieces of wood are the same. However, in the world of flooring, manufacturers have aimed to provide customers with uniformed planks for years. With the world becoming a more eco-friendly place, people are starting to embrace things in their natural form. As such, many are now choosing to go for a more natural look when it comes to their flooring, choosing planks that are unique in appearance. Manufacturers are now taking this seriously and are providing customers with planks that vary in color, like they would in their natural state.

Matte finishes design trends

Over the past few years, satin floors have been embraced in home design. However, 2020 seems to be the year where wood floor design trends start to change, and matte is given a chance. A high-quality wood with a matte finish can look expensive and luxurious, but a poor-quality matte floor can make a room appear a little lifeless. It’s important to choose a high-end wood floor if you want to bring a matte finish into your home – the extra investment is worth it.

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