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What Is Scandinavian Interior Design?

May, 2024

Scandinavian interior design is an aesthetic concept that aims for the perfect balance between comfort, beauty and the lack of clutter. It is one of the interior design styles developed in the modernist era of the 20th century, in the countries from the Scandinavian Peninsula, in Europe. 

Before World War I, the world witnessed the German Bauhaus design movement, the Swiss Dadaists, and after 1918 – the Art Nouveau. Then the roaring 20s made way for the Art Deco design styles, only to be offset by the Great Depression of the 30s. After the devastations of World War II, beauty in the home was just the privilege of a few. 

As a result of the half-century destructions, the world was looking for something new in politics, economics and art. The Scandinavian interior design style took shape in the 40s in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. In the 1950s, it took center stage thanks to some significant figures such as Alvar Aalto, Olav Haug, Kaare Klint, or Bruno Mathsson. 

What Are The Elements of Scandinavian Interior Design? 

The main elements of Scandinavian Design are utility, clarity, craftsmanship and a preference for natural materials, such as wood, wool, linen, leather or glass. 

Before we go into more detail about what a Scandinavian interior entails, let’s play a little game. How many of these designs do you recognize? 

Do you know Alvar Aalto’s famous stools from the Apple stores?

 What about the pendant lamp series designed by Poul Henningsen? 

Or the egg chair – you couldn’t have missed the egg chair!?

The Spanish Chair? 

All of these are iconic products that belong to this Nordic design movement and its creators. They all adhere to the same principles:

How Do You Make a Scandinavian Interior?

Scandinavian interior design focuses a lot on nature and the outdoors. The wood floors are light-toned and bare. Live plants bring something from nature outside into your home. 

In Scandinavian design, hygge is the essence. It means achieving a complete sense of coziness and warmth with the minimum of furniture and décor. It applies to every space in your home.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design 

Scandinavian Design Living Room 

Scandinavian Design Bedroom

What is Scandinavian Design Furniture? 

First of all, it should be practical and straightforward. Often, it is only made of solid wood. The most recognizable pieces of Scandinavian design furniture are the Nordic chairs, tables and sofas. 

The Nordic design movement is all about natural elements – leather or linen that decorates the wood. For function and practicality, the Scandinavian design furniture implies a lot of hidden storage spaces, modular and flexible pieces. 

Why is Scandinavian Design So Popular?

Scandinavian design is very popular today because it offers the perfect balance between self-expression, comfort and airy, clutter-free living space.

As we were saying, Scandinavian design is not just about making it as simple as possible. It removes some clutter from your life and allows you to indulge in the warm, fuzzy feeling of a comfy rug and wool throw. It should be the perfect balance between minimalism and fluffy comfort.

It’s simple, elegant and natural. It has also given us some pretty impressive interior design pieces, such as the Egg Chair or the PH Lamp. This is Scandinavian Interior Design, and you can start redecorating right now. 

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