7 DIY Holiday Decorations Ideas To Try this Christmas

by Ana Maria
December, 2021

It’s almost Christmas again and we’ve got some time on our hands. So, how about some DIY holiday decorations to get in the festive mood?

It’s time to use our imagination and create some classy Christmas ornaments ourselves, right? It helps clear your mind, and spread Christmas cheer all around. Besides, a DIY holiday is a lot more fun.

So, let’s look at 10 DIY holiday decorations ideas and how they can help you create a loving, decked-out holiday home for you and your family.

Christmas is a frame of mind. It’s a celebration. So, it’s best if we can have some fun forgetting about the rules for a while. Just decorate your home in a way that your heart tells you to.

1. DIY Holiday Decorations Citrus Chains

This is one of the coolest DIY Holiday crafts. It is simple enough to fit even in the most minimalistic decors. So, all you’ll need are a bunch of pine branches, a small vase or bottle, and orange slices.

Therefore, you arrange the pine branches in the vase or bottle. Then, you simply hang dried orange slices from the branches. Use paper clips to attach them. Use your imagination and sense of design to make it look clean and gorgeous.

DIY Holiday decorations
Source: Pinterest

2. Entryway Holiday DIY Ornaments

Fill old lanterns with all sorts of ornaments and leave them at your entryway to welcome guests with the festive joy of Christmas.

Besides, you get to boast about your DIY holiday decorations to your neighbours as well.

Holiday DIY ornaments
Source: Pinterest

3. Floral DIY Christmas Tree

If you want to try some unique DIY Holiday crafts, then you should go for this floral Christmas Tree idea. So, you basically need a couple of silk flowers. Then, you’ll take a thorough look at your tree and begin wrap the flowers twirling up the tree.

It looks amazing, but it takes some hard work. You might need some wire to make sure the flowers are secure in the Christmas tree. Moreover, you need to decide the placement of your design before you start. It would be better to settle on 2 or 3 colour tones.

Yes, you could try with real flowers as well, but they might not last until Christmas. Silk flowers are fine and it will surely look amazing. It beats any DIY wall Christmas tree we’ve ever seen.

So, are you ready to amp up your DIY holiday decorations game?

DIY Christmas tree
Source: Design Love Fest

4. DIY Advent Calendar with Garlands

Everybody loves advent calendars, but why spend money on one when you can make it yourself. Moreover, you get two in one – an unique advent calendar and a gorgeous garland.

You need a big garland, and some tiny containers labeled with the days of the month. You fill them with treats and attach them across the garland. This is one of the most intricate DIY holiday decorations you can try at home, and probably the most fun.

There is a downside, though. You need to resist the temptation of opening all those little goodie containers.

DIY Holiday decorations
Source: Pinterest

5. Minimalist DIY Christmas Tree

Who said the Christmas tree should be big, and expensive? It can also be minimalist, chic and even adorable. All you need is a good sturdy tree branch, some spray paint and a little glass or vase.

So, you spray paint the branch white, set it firmly in a vase and then decorate it with some Christmas ornaments. There you go! Your minimalist DIY holiday decorations await!

DIY Christmas tree
Source: The Lovely Drawer

6. DIY Holiday Decorations – Wood Candle Holders

These wood candle holders are a bit rustic, a tad classic, but they’ll warm your heart. Roll up your sleeves and get some done. You can put them in a tray with some berry accents and greenery. Can anything get more Christmassy than this?

DIY Holiday decorations_wood candle holders

7. Repurpose Your Old Christmas Sweaters

Yes you can. Just follow this DIY Nordic Sweater Christmas Tree tutorial. All you need are some old colourful Christmas sweaters, some scissors and a foam cone. Then, with a little bit of hard DIY magic, you can turn them into this!

DIY Christmas ideas
Source: Blesse’er House

So, are you ready to get on with this DIY Christmas ideas?

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