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16 Stunning Hardwood Floor Examples For Your House

by Roy Akirov
September, 2018

These beautiful hardwood floor examples are perfect for creating a unique and timeless home. Hardwood floors have long been the perfect choice for a range of different houses. Whether you’re looking for a rustic countryside look, a high-end glamorous look or a bohemian look, we have some stunning hardwood floor examples you will certainly love.

16 Stunning Hardwood Floor Examples For Your House

1) Stunning Chevrons

Hardwood floors can be interesting and contemporary, and the Vecchio Casale Smoked Chevron is a perfect example of how beautiful a modern hardwood floor can be. With a stunning smoke effect, bringing in tones of black, gold and silver, this floor is perfect for creating a dynamic, modern space. The chevron finish is so on trend and the classic craftsmanship and attention to detail make this a most-noteworthy expert interior design option.

chevron hardwood floor example

2) Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic look has remained popular. Combining a classic countryside feel with a modern distressed finish, Shabby chic is, therefore, the perfect hardwood floor example for this look. With a rustic white finish and a vintage feel, our Vecchio Casale French Oak hardwood floor is ideal for your home.

shabby hardwood floor example

3) Great Gatsby Ballroom

For a really glamorous hardwood floor, the Chevron St Tropez is perfect. Inspired by beautifully crafted ballroom floors of the 1920s, this look is perfect for an opulent dining room or entertaining space. With a stunning design and a richly colored wooden floor, this look is perfect for showing off some art deco style.

ballroom hardwood floor example

4) Country Cabin

For a homely rustic interior, we look to the humble country cabin for inspiration. Reclaimed wood is perfect for this, with its character and charm. Country cabin hardwood floor examples are great for a cosy, relaxed space. Our Atilla Reclaimed French Oak hardwood floors which come from old Belgian and French barns are a beautiful piece of history you can use to create your perfect hardwood floor.

rustic hardwood floor example

5) Gorgeous Grey

Grey has been one of the most popular interior color choices season after season. If you love this trend, then a grey hardwood floor could be the perfect choice for you. Our Driftwood Gun Grey French Oak hardwood floor features a range of shades of grey, rustic texture and high-quality finish.

driftwood hardwood floor example

6) Intricate Patterns

For an unusual and atmospheric wooden floor, this option is a beautiful style choice. With an intricate pattern and charcoal colorway, our Basilico Euro French Oak is an incredible style choice. Conjuring up old churches in France and Italy or dining halls in fine mansions, this beautiful floor is a rather distinguished design statement.

pattern hardwood floor example

7) Rich and Rustic

They’re something completely mesmerizing about a deep rich hardwood floor. Its appeal lies in the detail of the grain, the knots and patterns and a rich traditional color. For a luxurious yet homely wooden floor the Monaco French Oak wooden floor is gorgeous. Furthermore, with a complex staining process and only the finest materials, this hardwood floor is perfect for a timeless look.

rustic stained hardwood floor example

8) Contemporary Chic

A modern and bright hardwood floor is certainly a great way to add some light to your room. In a soft, natural color, our White Oak Rift Hardwood Flor is great for creating a bright and airy space. Often popular in hallways and entrances, this beautiful wooden floor also creates a spacious, welcoming feel.

white hardwood floor example

9) Dramatic Black

If you want a hardwood floor that will really make a statement, a black stained hardwood floor is certainly the way to go. Dark and glossy, this bold style choice makes for an incredible interior. The Caffe European Oak is a stunning hardwood floor in a dramatic black color that will create a bold and dynamic look for your home.

black hardwood floor example

10) Cool Blue Texture

For a really unique wooden floor, a cool blue/grey color is a bold style option. Look for an interesting texture, and a vintage feel. The Stucco French Oak hardwood floor is a beautiful and unique option that’s perfect for creating a rather boho artsy feel.

blue texture hardwood floor example

11) Rock and Roll Red

There’s no reason why hardwood floors can’t be fun and quirky. Red has always been a fabulous bold style choice and the Reclaimed Crackled Red Barnwood floor is a fun and colorful hardwood floor. Reclaimed from historic 18th and 19th Century barns and log cabins, these hardwood floor examples are a great choice. With a great American rock and roll look, this hardwood floor is also perfect for a studio, man cave or entrance.

red colored hardwood floor example

12) Refined Elegance

A parquet floor has long been a sign of exquisite taste and attention to detail. In a beautiful light tone, the Cannes Parquet Euro French Oak is the perfect example of this. Combining a stunning traditional look with a modern bright color palette, this is, therefore, one of the most elegant hardwood floor examples.

light tone parquet hardwood floor example

13) Rainbow Bright

Hardwood floor examples are often only in various shades of brown. But for the color loving homeowner, there are some great options too. The unique Parrot Tail Planks are a fun and colorful hardwood floor choice. This floor is a bold statement with a beautiful rainbow finish, inspired by parrot tails. Perfect for showing off your unique style and love of color, a rainbow bright hardwood floor is, therefore, a fabulous choice.

Parrot Tail hardwood flooring example

14) Timeless Tudor

Tudor design is a great reference point for an imposing and elegant hardwood floor. The contrast between dark wood and pale walls is perfect for a classic home. Our Tudor Espresso Euro Oak hardwood floor is a stunning design choice for your home. This floor has exquisite craftsmanship and a timeless design. This hardwood floor, therefore, seems perfect for those with a taste for quality.

Tudor Reclaimed hardwood floor example

15) Modern Classic

Hardwood floors are often chosen for their durability, timeless appeal and high-end finish. From tiny apartments, to grand ballrooms, the hardwood floor has remained popular. Our Rovere Antico European Oak hardwood floor is, above all, the perfect example of a modern classic. With a stunning grain, warm, welcoming color and classic plank look, this is a hardwood floor that will therefore last and remain relevant.

Italian classicism hardwood floor example

16) White and Bright

A white wooden floor has become increasingly popular over recent years. Perfect for adding light to a space, it’s a versatile and smart design element too. We have a number of white hardwood floor examples, and the Picasso French Oak floor is a classic choice. This hardwood floor is, therefore, perfect for a modern home.

light tone floor example

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