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Should I visit a wood flooring showroom or order online?

by Roy Akirov
February, 2019

Should I visit a wood flooring showroom or order online?

Looking for a new wood floor can be an exciting process, and many wonder whether ordering online or visiting a wood flooring showroom is the best option. A stunning hardwood floor is a significant investment and, when properly chosen and cared for, they can last for decades. With natural charm and a timeless appeal, it is worth spending time deciding which floor is perfect for you. The benefits of visiting a wood flooring showroom are plentiful. However, if this isn’t an option for you, then ordering online is also a great choice.

Flooring businesses like Rhodium let you visit the showroom or purchase online. There are lots of different factors for you to consider, so let’s consider what may be the best option for you.

Why visit a flooring showroom?

One real benefit of visiting a wood flooring showroom is that you get to see the floors you are interested in, in person. Often, seeing the flooring varieties, you are considering up close can help you visualise what it might look like in your home. Seeing samples on a large scale and viewing it alongside different options can help you to narrow down what you want to. If you have the opportunity, visiting a hardwood flooring showroom is one of the best ways to decide on the perfect hardwood floor for you. You can also have a look at different finishes and sizes, so you have a better idea of what you are looking for and what floor can work best in your space. You can always visit a hardwood floor showroom and decide later and order the floor online.

Wood Flooring Expert

Talking to hardwood floor experts

Another benefit to visiting a wood flooring showroom is the opportunity to talk to wood flooring experts about what you are looking for in your particular room. Flooring experts like Rhodium Flooring have a wealth of experience and advice and can help you find what you are looking for too. With more than two decades of knowledge, talking to a wood floor expert about your exact requirements allows you to find the best option for your home. Visiting a hardwood floor showroom can also be a fun experience, and you can get an expert opinion and tips for caring for your hardwood floor. You can also contact hardwood floor experts online first if you prefer.

Questions to ask

Have you considered maintenance? Have you thought about what finish you require? Do you know which type of pattern works best for your space? Ask the experts! They may also have some options that you haven’t considered, and be able to help you find a truly unique wood floor that’s perfect for your home. Before you visit your chosen wood hardwood floor showroom, make sure you measure up the room and know how much you require. If you have a photo of the room, that’s helpful too. If you’ve been browsing online, there may be a couple of options you are considering. Write these down so you can find them in the showroom and see them in person.

What if I can’t visit a hardwood floor showroom?

There are several reasons why you might not be able to visit a wood flooring showroom. You may work long hours, don’t have a wood floor showroom nearby or you are looking from another country. If this is the case, there is no reason why you can’t have a great experience shopping for a hardwood floor! As finding the perfect wood floor is so important, if you can’t get to the showroom, it is always worth contacting the flooring company for further information too. You can also send images of your room by email. You can ask for advice on the phone or discuss your ideas with a professional using online chat. If you can’t visit your chosen hardwood floor showroom, there are plenty of ways you can make sure you get the perfect hardwood floor for your home.

Order Wood Floor Samples

A great option if you can’t get to the showroom of choice is to order samples. This way you can see the product in person, the same way you would be able to in a hardwood floor showroom, just a little smaller. You can also see what it looks like in your room, and you can compare it with other samples. With your samples, you can place the flooring over your current floor and make sure that it works well. Different factors affect how a wood floor looks in a space, such as lighting and the interior layout. At Rhodium Floors, it is quick and easy to order samples. You click on the order sample button and fill in an enquiry form. Ordering samples also allows you to feel the quality of your preferred wood flooring and compare options.

The Benefits of Ordering Online

Thanks to technology, ordering a hardwood floor online can be a quick and easy process. You can also do it whenever is convenient for you. If you have a particular hardwood floor in mind, and you are entirely convinced, then ordering online is secure and hassle-free, and it means you can go directly to the flooring provider you like the best.

Ordering hardwood floors online can also mean that you have access to a vast range of options. If there is a particular type of hardwood floor you love, then shopping online can allow you to compare prices. You can also get quotes for the cost of the floor and of that specific design. Now, you no longer have to stick with what your local flooring provider has in stock. You can shop stunning hardwood floors from all around the world and have it delivered to you.

Ordering online is great for those who work irregular shifts. You can take as long as you like to browse and you can do it from the comfort of your sofa! If you can’t visit the showroom you want to, then ordering your wood flooring online means you can get the exact floor you are looking for, from the shop you prefer.

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