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Natural Stones of the World: The Complete Guide

by Roy Akirov
August, 2019

For a truly timeless interior, you can’t beat mother nature, with natural stone and slabs for countertops providing the very best finish for your home. From ancient palaces to chic Los Angeles homes, we look at the natural stone of the world and how you can use it to create the home of your dreams. Natural stone countertops provide the perfect focal point for any luxurious interior. From glistening granite to stunning statuary marble, these kitchen countertop ideas showcase the very best interior design options. Natural stone provides a superior surface for high-end kitchens, with unbeatable quality and unique details.

Marble kitchen countertops

Marble is a truly unequaled stone for its natural beauty and timeless appeal. Still mainly produced in Italy, where Roman Emperor’s prized it above all other materials, we now have a wider selection of marble shades and varieties than ever before. Marble is incredibly durable, heat-resistant and waterproof. With its beautiful veins and unique texture, marble remains one of the most popular choices for luxurious natural stone countertops. Marble countertops are strong and durable, but be wary of staining from citrus and make sure to care for it properly with sealing and regular maintenance.

Marble of the world

For bold and unusual natural stone and slabs for countertops, look at less well-known marble varieties like Sequoia marble. This beautiful stone has an incredible purple, black and silver color. Sequoia marble has a curving natural grain and unique details too. For a stronger grain and a texture that looks like an abstract painting, Arabescato Oribico marble is a high-end and luxurious choice. The darker color means it is less susceptible to staining and the beautiful patterns disguise any accidental damage.

Luxurious marble countertops

One of the best things about marble countertops is the fact that each slab is totally unique. Marble is also a great choice for bathroom countertops, with a luxurious and timeless appeal. Impeccable white statuary marble is probably what comes into your head when you picture marble countertops. This immaculate white stone with delicate grey veins snaking through it is truly sublime. Classic white marble is a stunning choice for natural stone countertops, though it is susceptible to some damage and needs to be maintained.

Natural Stone of the World: The Complete Guide

Statuary Marble Flooring

Black marble for a contemporary look

Black marble is a great choice for modern kitchens. Zebrano Black Marble is a truly stunning natural stone. Zebrano black marble has a bold black, grey and white stripes, and a high shine. This durable and beautiful black marble is perfect for countertops in a modern monochrome kitchen or bathroom. Silver Wave Marble is another beautiful choice of natural stone and slabs for countertops. This striking black marble with white veins and an impeccable wave pattern is an exemplary choice for your home. Silver wave marble is a beautiful choice, with distinctive markings that are truly one of a kind.

Rustic Limestone countertops

Limestone is a great option for kitchen countertops, with a natural appeal and subtle texture. It is heat-resistant, an important factor for natural stone and slabs for countertops. It is also a more affordable choice when remodeling your kitchen. When it comes to stone countertops, limestone is a subtle choice, with a more uniform look. From creamy pale limestone to dark grey, limestone has an earthy, homely look. However, it doesn’t have the same color variety as marble and granite. A classic brown Limestone kitchen countertop is ideal for a rustic and welcoming kitchen. It is more porous than other natural stone and slabs for countertops so needs to be treated and properly cared for.

Granite slabs for countertops

Granite is another natural stone that is a popular choice for kitchen countertops. Because of its unique geological formation, granite has a stunning crystal texture, with tiny speckles that catch the light. Granite slabs come on a huge variety of colors and textures, from soft pink to bold black to mottled multicolor. Granite countertops are a brilliant choice for the busy modern kitchen. The tiny speckles of crystal add a natural sparkle to your kitchen countertops for a glamorous look.

This incredibly strong and durable material is almost impervious to hot temperatures. It must be sealed to resist stains but granite countertops have no visible seams so can be used in unusual kitchen layouts. Though granite isn’t a cheap option, it lasts for decades and can be a great investment for your home. As granite is such a hardwearing material, it remains one of the most popular options of stone and slabs for countertops. With its unique texture and depth of color, granite countertops are perfect for a modern kitchen.

Stunning travertine natural stone countertops

travertine natural stone countertops

Travertine natural stone countertops

Travertine is a natural stone that has been rising to prominence in both the interior design world and on google searches. With an incredible natural stripe, titanium travertine is a beautiful choice for natural stone countertops. This unique stone has natural flecks of light, a striking grain and a strong colorway that is perfect for a contemporary kitchen. It also comes in shades of brown and cream and it has a beautiful shine when finished. Travertine has been used in buildings since the Roman Empire and you can even see sections of travertine in the Colosseum, so this durable stone is definitely a long-lasting choice.


Choosing the best stone countertops

When choosing natural stone and slabs for countertops, it is important to find the perfect option for you. Natural stone is a high-quality material, and this is reflected in the price. Though it may be more expensive, investing in quality stone for kitchen countertops ensures an exemplary finish. For extra help with kitchen countertops ideas, visit our showroom to get the look and feel of the natural stone slabs. Order samples to make sure you get the perfect stone for your space and talk to experts about your specific needs. Whether you prefer sumptuous white marble, sparkling pink granite or bold striped travertine, natural stone is truly the best option for a luxurious kitchen with a timeless look.

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